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My COVID-19 Story

Blog Summary

As I sit alone in my house, I am becoming familiar with the sounds it makes I never noticed before. The ticking of the clock is soothing, the dropping of ice in the freezer startles me and the subtle noise of the furnace turning on calms me. I am not usually alone with only the noise of my home. You see, my home is usually full of life. I normally cannot hear the sounds of my home over the sounds of my two boys and their friends. I must admit that I miss the sounds of the water running forever in a way too long shower, the microwave heating up a second and third dinner, and the monotonous commotion of endless video games.

I reflect on many things during my time in quarantine. Why did I get MS? Why do I have to get treatment once a month? Why am I always tired? Why does my hand go numb? Why can I not walk a mile without foot drop?