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Multiple Sclerosis, The Vikings And Nordic Skiing

Blog Summary

Frequently, the reaction that I get when people discover that I have MS is something like “But you’re so active!” or “I never would have guessed - you lead such a healthy life!” Without hearing my story, they don’t realize that one of the reasons I am religious about being so active is actually BECAUSE I have MS. 
Many times, when it’s 60 degrees and sunny and I’m out for a light jog I forget that I have MS – my body feels totally normal. However, things are a bit different when it’s 90 degrees and humid and the sun is pounding. I generally get extremely dizzy and off-balance and run like I’m drunk, and I focus all my mental energy on squinting and attempting to control my eyes so that I’m able to see the upcoming dips and rocks on the trails. I have immediate needs to go to the bathroom. When I’m ski racing and my body temperature rises with the added effort and stress, I find myself falling continuously and get a far off look in my eyes as they get more and more blurry.