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Shelter-In-Place: Week 3

Blog Summary

I live in San Francisco with my husband, two kids and dog. As I sit to write this, I’m reflecting on the past three weeks of our shelter-in-place and social distancing guidelines as mandated by our public officials, Mayor London Breed and Gov. Gavin Newsom because of COVID-19.
I was diagnosed with MS in 2015. Normally, I spend my days managing my family. Waking up, getting the kids fed and to school on time. A win every time that is accomplished because all parents know getting up and out of the house can be challenging. I exercise (something that is very important to me because of my MS) and then spend the rest of my day running errands (Target, grocery shopping, getting snacks and dinner ready, etc.), attending meetings for my volunteer projects, walking the dog, being a landlord and trying to spend time with my 93-year-old grandma...