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The Missing MS Face

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Last month, we celebrated World MS Day on May 30.
We stand "connected" with our MS family throughout the world by raising awareness for this disease. But this month, America is hurting and managing the impact racism is having on our country...

MS Awareness: Your Support Matters

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March is multiple sclerosis awareness month. Well, on the calendar it is.   But this past March, the world has been occupied with COVID-19. So, naturally and rightly so, our attention and efforts have shifted to keeping ourselves, our families, our communities and the world safe. Life has gotten insurmountably scarier for those of us who are medically compromised, and I imagine it's intimidating for many others as well. I won't attempt to compare COVID-19 and multiple sclerosis. However, the same empathy, compassion and support we desire for the MS community should be extended to people and families impacted by COVID-19. While we continue to support each other, I'm confident that our amazing medical professionals and government will get a handle on this crisis and life will prevail...