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Little Engine that Could

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I hope to have grandchildren someday, but before I do, I have been gaining valuable experience from my niece’s daughter who is four and a half.

Wow! Does this little one have energy! When I found out my niece and her family will stay at our home for a weekend, I looked around our home to see if we had any age-appropriate toys and books to keep her occupied...

I Found a Penny

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It wouldn’t be a life changing event for most people – nothing like winning the lottery. No, just one cent. I found what is one one-hundredth of a dollar on the ground while camping, yet this brought a smile to my face. ​ Let me explain. I had found a penny on the ground 15 years ago, too. I was in a shopping mall, just wasting nervous energy while waiting for my neurology appointment. I’d been diagnosed with MS a few weeks before, and since this disease initially affected my vision, I had taken a leave of absence from my job as an RN in the operating room. I was waiting for the okay to go back to work...

Alone in a Room Full of People

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No one could possibly understand this. This disease is so elusive, yet so real to me. Everybody with this disease seems to have a different set of symptoms, different age of onset or different way of coping. Fifteen years ago, I felt completely alone. No one I knew had MS, and I certainly wasn’t sure how to explain my illness or its symptoms I was dealing with...