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Falling Into Place

Blog Summary

I recently asked myself, “Has using art to examine and share the effects of MS on my day-to-day life changed me?” The answer is an emphatic "Yes!"

I didn't start taking self-portraits until 20 years after being diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 1988. During those years, I managed to cope with my symptoms by simply getting on with my life. Of course, there were physical limitations I needed to respect. For instance, walking became very difficult – so I first used a cane, then a walker and finally in 2000, a mobility scooter. And gradually my hands became less and less able, curling in on themselves, and making it hard for me to hold onto objects without dropping them. I adapted by changing my primary art medium from drawing and painting to photography. I also avoided writing by hand as much as possible, preferring to use the computer. For the rest of it, I just figured dropping things on the floor was a fact of life, like it or not.