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What to Do If Follow-Up MRIs Show New Lesions

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You’ve been diagnosed with MS and started on a disease-modifying therapy. At a follow-up visit, your neurologist asks that you do another series of central nervous system MRIs. You ask, “Why? Is it really necessary? What would you do if there were new lesions?” These questions are excellent and reasonable. The answers however, are not straightforward. There is no cure for MS at this time. That said, starting a disease-modifying therapy is most important. Responses to disease-modifying therapies vary greatly. In some individuals, the response is excellent, with no evidence of recurring disease. In others, new lesions and even attacks may occur despite treatment. Not every new lesion is associated with an attack, and new lesions can gradually accumulate silently with no immediate change in course. However, increasing tissue damage may result in increasing disability over time. Thus, monitoring your central nervous system with MRIs after starting a disease-modifying therapy is essential to determine your response to treatment...
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