From the Frontlines: What’s New in MS Research for 2012

I’m having a hard time believing it’s December already! This has been a very busy year, but it’s not over yet.  Today is day one of a 2-day, international summit we’ve convened to explore whether it’s possible to PREVENT MS using vitamin D. This is just one big idea in a year that has seen progress in every aspect of the search to STOP progression, RESTORE function and END MS forever.
It’s fitting in December to think back over the year and anticipate the next. I’m very pleased that tomorrow evening, December 13th, I get to do just that. I’m going to sit down with four very savvy experts and talk about progress that’s occurred this year in MS research. Two of them will have just come from the vitamin D summit.
Sound intriguing? You’re welcome to join us for this LIVE WEBCAST–go here for details. Our panelists bring expertise in a wide range of topics, including MS therapies, the role of vitamin D and the immune system in MS, the promise of cell therapy, CCSVI and prospects for repairing the nervous system. We’ll also hear their predictions for MS breakthroughs we’ll see in 2012.
Did you know you can post real-time or advance questions for the panelists?
What a year it’s been!  If you want to read more, check out this summary of 2011 progress on our website. And I look forward to fielding your questions during tomorrow’s webcast!
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