The Endless Possibilities

The beginning of the New Year brings endless, powerful emotions. Emotions that make you want to become your best self and conquer all of the things that have tried to stop you in the past.

2018 does not just come with new goals for my nutrition, fitness, life experiences, or career; I am going to make 2018 my year where I finally feel more in control of my MS. I know, this is an incredibly bold statement to make, as relapsing remitting MS is an extremely unpredictable disease. But through close monitoring, adhering to my medication and constantly striving to become my healthiest self, I will become stronger than MS!

This is an ideal I aspire to spread to everyone, not only in the MS community, but everywhere! Whether you have MS, Diabetes or a clean bill of health, I want you to realize that nothing will stop you as long as you don’t let it! This year, I’ve set some real goals for myself:
  • I’m going to not only move out of my parents’ house, but I am moving out of the state!
  • I strive to become an inspiration to others out there through maintaining my health and positive attitude–I cannot stress enough how believing in yourself can make an enormous difference!
  • This past October of 2017, I had the pleasure of exploring New Zealand to celebrate my brother’s wedding; this year, in 2018, I want to continue my travels and see what else is out there.
These are all major goals that not only require time and patience, but most importantly, energy and stability in my health.

I will never let MS stop me from living my best life. I will never say “I can’t do that because I’m sick.” There are days and moments where I need to take it easy—no one is “on” all the time! When you feel you need a minute, take it with no remorse. Listen to your body and only do as much as you feel you can.

Give yourself some credit. You’ve come this far, why stop now?

I feel very deeply that 2018 is going to be a wonderful year all around. I’m not going to let MS stop me, so why should it stop you? Show your MS who’ boss by doing amazing things and achieving your goals!

Personally, my #1 goal is to fill each and every day with tons of laughter. There is much to be grateful for in this life, so cherish every second; one day, we will live in a world that is free of MS!
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Catherine Weston

Catherine is a professional in the medical marketing industry from Long Island, NY. She aspires to show the world that MS doesn't hold her back. She was diagnosed in 2014 and has been striving to help others overcome their fears and limitations since (she also loves sheep!). Keep up with Catherine and her adventures on her Instagram.