Good News

I think it was sometime in September of 2012 that I initially went to see a doctor about my weak leg, which led to my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, which led to lots of specialists, lots of scans, and lots of follow ups. Suffice it to say: I’ve had a lot of appointments in the past 20 months. And in general, the news has not been good. I always put a positive face on it, but at this stage it’s hard to go in expecting the best.

So I was happily caught off guard when my last scan came back BETTER than the last. Finally! It’s what I’ve been waiting for since the whole damn thing started. There’s no new inflammation and the spots in my brain are smaller than they were last time. My neurologist uses bigger words to explain all this, but summed it up with the colorful stickers that she attached to my results.

I’m still waiting for the mystical appointment when I’ll find out that a) this has all been a big mistake and I actually don’t have MS, or b) they’ve cured MS. But in the meantime, this is what you want: stability. I still have symptoms, but if I could stay just as I am for as long as possible, that would be such a blessing.

I’m grateful for my amazing neurologist, for the support of my friends and my family, and also for good luck. Because I know that there are plenty of people who’ve done everything I’ve done, tried everything that I’ve tried, and are still waiting for the appointment that I just had. If you’re among them, courage. Be brave, be strong. Things are changing all the time. Hopefully more and more good news is on the way.

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