How a Shirt Can Make All the Difference

So, this is one of those blogs you may or may not completely agree with.
Now, don’t get me wrong—I know a shirt or pair of sneakers won’t exactly cure your MS, but it can certainly make a difference.

Simple: if you’re anything like me, a great way of boosting your self-esteem is with something new or clothing I already have that just makes me feel really good.

It could be clothes, shoes, a perfume/aftershave or makeup.

It makes me feel empowered.

What are the benefits of feeling empowered? On a basic level, it releases happiness chemicals like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, to name a few.

More than that, it gives you a more positive outlook on life; it boosts your mood, and it’s a form of self-care which makes you feel generally pretty awesome. Have you heard of “retail therapy?” It’s a thing, and sometimes, it totally works.
Now, think about what you normally say to yourself when you have a shirt on that you love.
You might say things to yourself like, “I love this shirt,” “I feel awesome in these shoes” or “I love this outfit I’ve created today.” You constantly reaffirm to yourself that you look and feel good.
Sometimes it’s not just about what clothes you wear on your body—sometimes it’s also about your “game face.”
If I have to go somewhere, and I’m looking and feeling like a zombie (which, to be fair, is most days), I get my makeup bag out and put my game face on.
A good moisturiser, some foundation, a bit of concealer around my dark-circle eyes and a lined upper lid goes a long way—it makes me look awake when I actually feel like rubbish.
Why is a game face so important? Trust me, it’s not for vanity!
It’s to stop the pitiful head shake and the comments like “you look so tired,” “you need to take care of yourself more,” or—my favourite—"why don’t you just take a nap?” As if it was that simple!
A game face stops (or at least reduces) those pitiful looks we get and helps you to feel confident and strong even if you’re not feeling quite so confident and physically strong on the inside. Team that with your favourite outfit and bam! You are ready to face this.
This isn’t just about “looking good.” It’s the sense of empowerment you get from clothes, makeup or shoes. It’s a form of self-care, and self-care is very important when you have MS.
It’s the idea of giving yourself a treat to say well done for coping with your symptoms, you’re doing great.
Put your game face on and smile—you got this!
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Jessie Ace

Jessie Ace is the founder of, a website that provides real-world help and advice for people living with chronic health conditions after her own experiences of being diagnosed with MS at 22 years old. She’s also the host of the DISabled to ENabled podcast, author of the ENabled Warrior Symptom Tracker book, founder of the ENabled Warriors community and public speaker.