Are you tired of having MS? I am. I’m so tired of it I want to scream. Or at least vent, which is why I came up with the idea of venting regularly for the Society.
Let me tell you about one recent event that almost tipped me over the edge. My 18-year-old son Alex injured his eye at work—landscaping, OMG, with a stick! It was something mothers everywhere dread— the poked-eye situation. So I knew he had to be seen by a doctor right away. Off we went to an emergency care facility with my son holding an ice bag to his face with one hand and pushing me in my wheelchair with the other.
The triage nurse said, “So, what kind of problem has you in a chair?” I replied, “MS.” She started asking me all about me, while ignoring my now-squirming son with the ice bag. I redirected her to him and she showed us into an exam room.
The next nurse comes in, sees me in the wheelchair and wants to take my vitals. I redirect again to the kid with the bad-looking eye and the ice bag lying on the exam table. Finally, the doctor comes in. This time, I was ready. He looked at me. I promptly announced that I was perfectly fine, but my son ...
End result: My son was not blinded, I still have MS and I still really wish I didn’t. A sharp stick in the eye and having MS are both bad. But venting is good!
What’s happened to you recently that makes you tired of having MS? Stay tuned for more vents.
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Susan Skoney, Blogger

Susan Skoney was diagnosed in 1999. She lives in western New York with her husband Michael and daughter Hannah. She worked many years in public relations and advertising, and has just started writing about her MS in the last few years.