DDR, Anyone?

Have you ever tried your hand – or your feet – at the video dance game Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR? I played a few times when my kids went through their DDR phase a few years ago. It was lots of fun, and a great challenge, trying to keep up with the game’s fast-paced, ever-changing dance moves. It required every ounce of concentration I could muster. And, let me tell you, it wasn’t a pretty sight!

I haven’t tried (or even thought about) DDR in years. But my curiosity was piqued when I read this article  about how DDR is helping some people with multiple sclerosis work on their balance, coordination, physical fitness and cognition. Researchers at The Ohio State University have mounted a study in which people with relapsing-remitting MS practice DDR a few times a week. One woman quoted in the news report said she’d seen improvement in her symptoms and her overall quality of life since taking part in the study.

Like all of us, I wish that science were closer to finding a cure, not just therapy and treatment of symptoms, for MS. I like to think we’ll get there one day soon, and I know that the National MS Society is doing all it can to help achieve that goal through funding and otherwise promoting MS research.

In the meantime, I am grateful for all the good people out there who have made a life’s work of helping people with MS live better lives. Experimenting with using DDR as a way for those with this condition to improve their own lives seems like a great idea to me. I look forward to seeing what the study reveals.

Speaking of research, tune in here tomorrow through the end of the week for live updates from the world’s largest MS scientific meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Society blogger and About.com journalist Julie Stachowiak, who also lives with MS, will be blogging about research news of interest from the meeting throughout the week. The Society’s research team – including Timothy Coetzee, PhD, Bruce Bebo, PhD and Nicholas LaRocca, PhD – will also be blogging and providing additional insights and information.  

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Jennifer LaRue Huget, Blogger

Jennifer LaRue Huget was diagnosed with MS in 2001. A freelance writer and children's book author, she lives in Connecticut with her husband, two teenage kids, and two brown dogs. Her website is www.jenniferlaruehuget.com.