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Cervical lesion symptom*

Hi. New here and newly diagnosed with RRMS in March. Does anyone know, is it possible for a cervical cord lesion between C1-C8 to produce symptoms (light weakness, light numbness) in the legs,…

Lhermitte’s sign *

Lhermitte’s sign and also constant pin and needles but it’s not as intense as pins and needles . thought I had a UTI because I could go to the toilet and was getting zapped down low not a UTI…

Room feels like spinning *

 Ok I have a new one besides my falling a lot now it feels like the room is spinning and getting dizzy from it. If I try to move my head from one side to the other it gets worse been getting…

Worried about ms testing *

hello . I am a 41 yr old female . With a history of anxiety disorder but otherwise have always been healthy . Past 3 years after I have my son in 2016 gained weight and am now 60 pounds…

Gilenya - weight gain*

I've been on Gilenya for a few years and have experienced weight gain - especially in the stomach and hips. I increased expercise and decreased calorie intake to no avail. Has anyone else…

Still stuck in nursing home.*

Hi all I'm still stuck in a nursing home. They're aware of what's been happening to me at home in regards to my nephew and then the rest of the family gang stalking me to neglecting me as well…

Frustrated and confused.. MS or Silent Migraines? *

I know no one can diagnose me, I’m just looking to vent my frustration. So here’s my strory, you can read if you’d like...  I am not diagnosed with MS but it’s between MS and silent migraines…

Hello Everyone, my name is Jessica!*

To be honest, I just pray to God that I wish that I didn't have MS. It's just something that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I have to have an aide, my nurse aide is cool. I hate that I…

Do any of you guys still ride motorcycles. *

Hey there guys,My name is Robert Welsh. I’m 29 years old and currently being treated for my first big flare up of ms at swedish medical center in denver. I don’t have a 100 percent diagnosis…

What MS medication has been working for you?*

Have any of you heard of the new fda warning about risk of gilenya causing severe disability after stopping the medication?  This makes choosing a treatment so much more difficult considering…


Ok, so it's 11pm where I'm at and I cannot sleep. I was just diagnosed with RMS in February this year and after some careful thought, I chose to start with aggressive treatments to better my…

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Ampyra and an Ileostomy*

Hi there, Along with your MS, do you also have an ileostomy - maybe due to past Ulcerative Colitis - and have tried or are using Dalfampridine (or its brand name, Ampyra)?   If so, I need…

Gilenya / Fingolimod - What is/was your experience?*

Have you had a good or bad experience with Gilenya / Fingolimod?  I'd like to hear it all.  Thanks.

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Gay people with MS*

is there anyone in the usa who is openly gay and have MS. I am trying to find a network of people who might be willing to be my friend if not more. I am a gay man. I have no friends or family.…

In hospital again feeling pretty bad*

Ok I've been having these really bad headaches for a few months now and getting more spastic and stress has been getting to me. I mentioned to my nephew last Thursday about taking me to the…

Families and ms*

Hi. My name is Chris and I'm new on here. I would like to help support all those who live with ms, individuals and families. I would like to offer my support for families and how the whole…

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Walk-in tub?*

I am looking for a contractor to install a walk-in bathtub in my (rental) apartment.  I have permission from my landlord.  I'm having trouble finding a contractoe that I trust to do this work.…

Trigeminal Neuralgia*

So I’m new to this club and was diagnosed randomly but have been living with it for some time, per my neurologist.  I was in a car wreck and a week later had face pain I attributed to the car…

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Alpha Lipoic Acid*

Has your doctor recommended you take alpha lipoic acid? Are you familiar with its benefits and uses?

New to Copaxone injections *

Hi, I am brand new to all of this, i have been put on copaxone daily injections and I will be doing my 4th injection tonight. I have so far been ok with it other than the horrible burning and…