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Worried I may be experiencing early stage symptoms*

Hello all, I am a 23 year old male who has a family history of MS. My dad was diagnosed with RRMS before I was born and my aunt (dad's half sister) was diagnosed with RRMS as well. My dad…

Handicap accessible/driving issues*

I currently work a full time job, but they office is not handicap accessible. I have a gait and balance issue that makes climbing the stairs difficult, it's even harder going down the stairs…

Are you a better driver because of your MS*

Do you feel like you are more observent because of your ms. Because you are paying attention more to your body and people around you.

Amantadine for fatigue*

anyone taking amantadine for fatigue? Have you had any improvements or issues ? Thanks so much. 


 Hi fellow MS family and friends! I have been battling MS for 10 years now and in the beginning, when I was on Copaxone, I was able to work out for 45 minutes every day… Now that I am on…

Still Undiagnosed*

I’m waiting for my appointment with a neurologist so still undiagnosed. I’m 41, married, and got a 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son.  I’d say the symptoms started 4-5 years ago. I run…

Might be a flare up*

Ok I'm having some problems right now. Left sided weakness and pain in my face muscles between my left eye and my mouth. Then I'm having another bought of the ringing in my ears and I feel…


Hey all. Do you feel isolated from the world due to your symptoms?  Do you feel utterly alone. I do. I am 61, Have been on disability for 8 years. My ex left me shortly after I went on…

Alpha Lipoic Acid *

Hello! My Neurologist recently suggested I try 1200 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid.  There are so many brands on the market that I do not know what brand to chose that will provide a high quality…

Ms hug *

Is there any one experiencing the Ms hug with tight bands in the torso n lower legs n a pulling sensation from knee to ankle

The Unusual Seven*

I came across this article online, which can be found by [url=]Clicking Here[/url]. I…

not tremors total body uncontrollable shivers*

good evening, . looking for people who have had similar. At nigh awakened by total body shivers. These are more than tremors, i cant move for a few minutes. I just lay there shaking and my…

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anyone else on Tecfidera ?*

hey everyone ! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here.  since being diagnosed back in April things have been pretty up and down. My doctor had me on copaxone however I needed to be taken…

Car Accident / Lawsuit / Pre-existing Condition*

I was hit by a car as a pedestrian and taken to the emergency room. I have done everything for the pain except surgery as I have had a tumafractive lesion so the risk is high. The insurance…

CBD or Hemp Products *

My sister in law has MS and I was wondering if anyone in this group has had success with hemp or CBD product use.

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Change my medicine (shots) *

Good morning everyone  I have been on Avenox since since 2005 & now my insurance isn't going to cover starting Jan 1st I'm looking into Rebif or Copaxone  lookin for suggestions ??

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Living with anger as a caregiver *

My husband and I have been married for 23 years. He is 12 years older than me. He is 74 and I am 62. This age difference is hard. He was diagnosed at about 55. He has had a pretty good time of…

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Vitamin d2 *

im currently going through an MS diagnosis. I was put on 50,000 iu of vitamin d2. Is this normal ?! 

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McDonald Criteria*

Can someone simplify the criteria in laymans terms please?

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Some New Things*

Lately it has been my legs and a bit of my arms. My knees, not under the knee caps, but around the knee caps, I can feel the achiness and tiredness.I had to start wearing a knee brace. My…

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