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Feeling so overwhelmed!

Hi My name is Erica and I have been feeling intensely overwhelmed since finding out a month ago that a had MS. I have to sit down and try to make a decision soon about what treatment to start…

Not diagnosed, is this worth the struggle?*

I have had many weird issues over the past 15 years that could never be explained by doctors yet we're very debilitating to my life. I never would have suspected MS, because I didn't know…

The start of some frustrating days...*

So sometimes MS dosen't behave itself because it's like an attention hog... out of nowhere, when I woke up this morning my elbow was swollen, red, warm to the touch, and very painful. the…

Anyone experiencing muscle weekness on just one side?*

I have muscle weekness on my right side (arm and leg).  I was told by. Dr  Today that MA is always bilateral ( affects both sides).  Any input?


ok so I got a brain mri done last month and today I got a call saying I have to go back in for another one on my spine. Is this anything to worry about ?


Diagnosed 2012, this the first time I've joined any type of MS related outreach or support group .I'm a member of MSAA but never found way to connect like this .I do not like the BIG MEDIA…

Help and Advise*

Hello friends, My name is Maria and I finally convinced my self to creat an account and learn more about MS based on others stories and learn as I go. I officially got DIagnosed at the…

I feel so alone right now.*

That sums it up. I've been battling this monster for so long and struggling so much to keep going and it's getting harder everyday. I'm supposed to have help but it's been a roller coaster…

MS and marriage *

Dear friends, I am 32 M, new to this wonderful site. I am seeking your kind opinions  about going into marriage with a 30 F, (MS for last 10 yrs) in arranged marriage. I am doing so as I came…

Anyone Taking Mavenclad? *

I'm about to start treatment for my MS and will be taking a medication called Mavenclad. So far I haven't met anyone else who has been or is taking the drug, even though it's been around in…

Anabolic Steroids like Deca Durabolin or Winstrol*

I was wondering if someone was suffering from muscle atrophy in their legs or arms would anabolic steroid therapy help at all?  Or would it not help because someone with MS would process the…

Atypical MS - What? *

Hello, Hopefully that subject caught your eye for several reasons. It is the phrase used in one of the reports my doctor used in my chart. A google google turns up nothing so I am here…

Help please *

It's my first ever post about my life, it's almost as im crying for help.I just cant take it anymore. I was first diagnosed two years ago and I am turning 24 years old this August. My…

Ok I don't know if it's the MS or from my back? *

Ok so I have debilitating back pain and weakness in my legs along with pain in them and my left arm. So I believe it was Thursday that after talking to my wife I finally broke down and put a…

I’m new 👋🏾*

😊 Hello, anyone in the Detroit,Mi area? 

Possible MS - Symptoms*

Hi there! I have not been diagnosed with MS yet but have an appointment set up with a neurologist. I just wanted to get a feel of what you guys experienced with your MS compared to the…

My insurance won't cover nuvigil anymore.*

I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat as me..... I suffer from fatigue. I once slept 37 hours straight and woke up only to say I feel a little better. I was put on provigil…

Getting an MRI for a wheelchair-bound person *

My brother is wheelchair-bound and was initially diagnosed as having ADEM, and now 15 years later as MS. His new doctor wants an MRI to see how it compares to the one he initially had so long…

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Changing from Full-Time to Part-Time Work *

Has anyone changed from full time to part time and been successful in obtaining disability benefits if they were needed. If so can you give some pointers on how to move through the process. I…

I Have Some Concerns*

I would like to go back to work. My daughter is graduating from homeschooling. I will have more time. I am currently employed very part time. I am a dog walker. Very good for my body. But I…