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Multiple Symptoms All At Once *

Well, they came on one right after the other. Next thing I know...all at the same time. The first one came on. It was a presure headache. Then a Migraine. Then came the loss of words and not…

Injection site reaction?*

Ok I've been on copaxon for a over a month and a half and I just started getting really itchy and some welts were I received my last injection is this a side affect or does anyone know.

Should I be Starting Treatment?*

I was diagnosed with MS this week.  I’ve been having symptoms off and on for years (numbness, vertigo) and the MRI confirmed multiple lesions in multiple parts of the brain.  They scheduled me…

MS is widely misunderstood, even by physicians!*

I understand that the average person may not understand MS, but I have had several recent interactions with different physicians (primarily my PCP and psychiatrist but others as well) and…

Audio hallucinations*

Hello I have a friend whose son was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago and she is concerned because he started hearing things that no one else can hear. Has anyone heard of this being a…

Ok docs, is it or isnt it?*

Hello....this is my first post so I hope I dont ramble, lol. For the past 3 yrs I have been having awful symptoms. Finally last year I was sent to a Neurologist for something else and had my…

Tysabri rash?*

I have had MS forever and was on Zinbryta for seven years, doing great on it until they pulled it from market. I am now trying tysabri. I have had two infusions so far and recently noticed an…

Just a bad day*

So yesterday was a really bad day for me. Two of my major symptoms besides the pain are loss of appetite and severe fatigue. I get to work yesterday and the pain in my back and right leg are…

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Possible MS??*

Im currently in the middle of what’s possibly a second “episode”. I had the same symptoms in 2016 after reluctantly receiving the flu shot (req for my job). It started with trigeminal pain…

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Help From Someone *

Hello Everyone! This is my first post. I am reaching out on here because I am hoping to find people that understand MS and what the heck is going on. I was diagnosed in September of 2017. In…

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Well I'm getting tired of the B's from my family *

Yet again they seem to be intent on thinking I'm on drugs and spying on my every move and criticizing my every move I was having dinner with a friend and I could here them talking the whole…

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Permanent or Temporary? *

Hello Everyone, I've been newly diagnosed with RRMS. I'm still getting over my first experience with a flare that has expressed symptoms. Apparently I have 4 dormant lesions that may or may…

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Retuximab Treatment *

I am looking into taking Retuximab for the treatment of my MS. I was diagnosed with MS 18 years ago. I had a flare last July and did the 3 day steroid treatment. I had always treated my MS…

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(Help) Weird new symptom..maybe migraine??*

hey everyone, I’m a little freaked out by something I’ve been experiencing the past couple of days. Any feedback would be great. I had what my doctor called a silent migraine about a week ago…

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Just to talk..*

So since being diagnosed, I have noticed more symptoms of MS that I just blew off from before. But besides that, I have to say I have had maybe 2 good days this week, the rest of the week has…

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The Support You Want or Need*

Help and support are musts for those living with MS and its unpredictability. Yet, MS can be frustratingly hard to explain and difficult to understand. This can make it tough for those not…

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Just checking in and doing so so much better*

Hi all I am doing so much better as to my mood anyways I'll get to it ivI' been staying in a little 20 foot travel trailer with my four furbabys and I was blessed with a 36 ft motorhome. now…

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Vitamin D*

I went to the dermatologist today for an appraisal of my skin, since I sit outside in the sun about 4 times a week for 15 minutes and wanted to see if all was well.  By the time I left, I felt…

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Staying active through biking.*

Hello All. DaveDguy here. No, I didn’t create the name; AOL created it for me eons ago when I started using email. A little background. I was diagnosed with RRMS in April 2013 at the age of…

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Family & Loved ones*

Hello,  I have recently been diagnosed with MS; and of course when I found out, I was upset, but what upset me even more was when I told my Fiance about it. The look on his face just broke my…

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