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Lifestyle 2020*
Lifestyle 2020*

More and more research is showing the positive impact of lifestyle improvements — to diet, exercise, sleep, etc. — on overall health, longevity and even MS. With New Year’s resolution season…

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How to deal with caregiver issues.

Ok so my nephew takes care of me and has been doing a good job I guess when possible. But being family it's kinda hard I guess to take care of because it's trying for both. That being said…


I went to the eye doc today. I have optic disc edema. When I started to type this, I remembered that eye problems also occur in type 2 diabetes. However, I have been told my blood sugar…

Breathing issues!*

I was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting MS in 2009, and I have been dealing with breathing issues where I feel like I can't control my respirations sometimes,mostly if I get overheated. Stomach…

Really confused...Need help!*

Hi. My story is I am a active 45 year old wife  mom and gma. I have been struggling with fatigue and pain sine 2017 when I had a benign tumor removed from abdomen that healed but subsequently…

Newly diagnosed 1/10/20*

after battling breast cancer in 2018 & taking Tamoxifen. I was diagnosed on the 10th. My symptom started w extremely bad headaches during the summer of 19. Now it’s RRMS. I was wondering if…

How many are continuting DMT's after age 65? *

I recent post here prompted my question.  My neuro (who retired two years ago) told me to stop Avonex at age 65.  I was dx 25 years ago (when beta was on lottery) and started Avonex 22 years…

Isolation *

There are plenty of western movies showing a one room cabin amid the plains, it is occupied by a man, woman with maybe a few children and livestock, these were the first immigrants who…


After trying to find out what was going on with me on and off for three years a neurologist diagnosed me with RRMS April 29, 2019.  I asked the neuro for information and he referred me to…

Brain mri and can this be MS?*

I see neurologist end of January. This test was actually ordered by dentist due to me having been discussing years of face pain, felt like teeth traveling up by eye and side of nose  ( it's…

Medicaid Planning + Community First Choice Waiver*

hello! I am in the middle of medicaid planning for my mother, 67 who has had MS for 30 years. Have other families gone through the Medicaid process, spend downs, annuities, and have Community…

Age of Diagnosis*

I'm still trying to figure out these discussion boards so if anyone is willing to share with me, that would be great.  I can't seem to figure out how to reply to other posts, without starting…

Still struggling to adjust to life with MS *

So just today i was released from the hospital because i suffered a huge MS flare up that left me bed ridden n unable to walk for about 4days.. For some reason i still can't accept my new life…

Roche Floodlight Smart Phone Based Monitoring *

Read in the magazine "Nature" volume 576 19/26 December 2019 about a way of monitoring your symptoms using a smart phone and providing that info to your doctor.  Anyone know anything about…


Today I either pulled a muscle or tore a muscle. I bent at the knees and as I was straightening back up, I felt the pull. Last time this happened it happened on the right side. It took a whole…

Diagnosed at a young age, not sure what to do 12 years later.*

I was diagnosed in 2007 and I was just entering high school. I was young and didn't understand anything except my parents were helping with all my treatments, medication, hospital stays, etc…

Lifestyle 2020*

More and more research is showing the positive impact of lifestyle improvements — to diet, exercise, sleep, etc. — on overall health, longevity and even MS. With New Year’s resolution season…

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Financial Help for Accessibility Renovations?*

My condo was built decades ago, before the ADA became law in The USA.  I'm preparing to renovate it to suit my needs as a disabled person.  I live in Minneapolis and I'm wondering if there are…

not sure how to take next steps*

Hello everybody, I hope you are all feeling well today. I've never really posted on a forum like this, so I guess I will just try to go right into it. I'm not diagnosed with MS but my mom has…

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How about we chat about CAREGIVERS?*

Caregivers have needs of their own, and when they see us they want to fix us, they want to take care of us, they want us to be better. Some times it is all about them, what they want and the…

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My best friend diagnosed with MS last night*

Hi! I saw this site on an old high school friends page and I had to sign up. My friend just got her diagnosis yesterday. I want to ensure I can be there for her in the way she needs when she…

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