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Twice as Many Living with MS

A new National MS Society-led study says nearly 1 million people are living with MS in the United States. That’s more than twice the previously reported number. Learn more: …

17 yrs of odd symptoms, undiagnosed....*

Hi....going to try to make a long story short.  Symptoms started in 2002 w/ upper arms feeling sunburned.  I had no clue and had not Googled.  Went to my PCP who sent me to a rheumatologist…

Just need some thoughts*

Hi everyone, so I'll jump right into it. The past two years I've has a host of issues. Stomach issues, reactive Hypoglycemia, left sided weakness, heat intolerance, heart palpitations…


My neurologist wants me to start Aubagio. Anyone with any experience with Aubagio? Side effects? How lomng do they last?

Chex mix of symptoms *

I’m yet to have an official diagnosis’s. I’ve had a mri which showed lesions on the brain and lumbar puncture. Prior to seeing this neurologist ,who is a specialist. She wanted another lumbar…

wheelchair research*

Good evening. My husband is mobile but is clearly transitioning to needing a chair for walking long distances- like when we are out with the kids in the city, traveling, and street festivals…

MS Treatment Satisfaction Research

Hello everyone,I'm a student at the University of Florida conducting research on the treatment of neurological diseases. My team and I created a survey to better understand patients’ and…

MS Treatment Satisfaction

Hello everyone,I'm a student at the University of Florida conducting research on the treatment of neurological diseases. My team and I created a survey to better understand patients’ and…

MS and Cervical Dystonia *

Hi!! Recently diagnosed with MS. I have Cervical Dystonia, diagnosed 14 years ago. I am being told its very rare to have 2 neurological disorders that completely affect different parts of…

Thinking of getting pregnant

I am new to this forum and was hoping to learn about others' experiences with family planning.  I was recently switched from Aubagio to Copaxone for this reason. I am reading a lot online and…

Husband with MS is Mean *

To be specific he is mean only to me. He is a delight around his friends and family but to me he is picky, critical and snarky. He had these qualities before MS and he was “working on this…

Question ~Brain mri with contrast came back no lesions?*

Brain mri with contrast cake back no lesions? My dr said not ms if I have no brain lesions. All symptoms point to ms. Been checked for lymes disease and I do not have that.  Can a spinal tap…

Newly diagnosed teacher *

I was recently diagnosed with MS.  I am a teacher in a high school and wanted to know how other teachers feel about working with MS.   I have missed a ton of days this year and so far behind…

OPTIC NEURITIS, treatment w Ocrevus vs Tysabri va Retuximab? *

I am a neuly diagnosed MS, but my MS is apparently several years old. My biggest problem is optic neuritis. I need to select a treatment ASAP and would appreciate the experience of those who…

Ocrevus and Medicare*

I'm switching from bcbs to medicare in a few months and my Neurologist and I have discussed changing my medication to Ocrevus.  Ocrevus does not seem to be covered by any of the medicare…

Do you know if a Lumbar Puncture/Spinal Tap can be done during another procedure?

On the 21st I’m having a lumbar fusion of disk L5L6-S1. Does anyone have any idea if a spinal tap could be done during this time while I am under anesthesia! I’ve gone through cancer and so so…


OK I'm new here and glad I found this forum as I spend most of my time isolated from ppl in general. I hope to become an active contributing member but have a question for those drawing SSDI…


Does anyone else experience this? A couple weeks ago, I was standing in the cold for a while (my hands were in my pockets, but I didn't have gloves). I noticed they turned blue-ish, and then…

Knee Compression Supports

Has anyone has experience using knee compression sleeves/supports to add stability to everyday walking...? I have tried them and they seem to add a bit of support...Just wanted to hear others…


Anyone had any experience with CIGNA covering MS drugs? KM