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Strange episodes - altered state of mind*

Hello all! I am reaching out to this community to see if anyone has experined the same thing I'm struggling with right now.  I was diagnosed with MS in January of 2018 and am currently on…

Support groups for MSer's and caregivers *

Just trying to spread the word on a new support group just created for MSer's like me and caregivers. We want to create a small community for further help and support. https://www.facebook…

Has MS affect your desire and/or decision to have kids?*

I was diagnosed at 24 after a very severe, vaccine-triggered episode that left me hospitalized for a month. I love kids. I worked in the education sector directly with children for 5 years. I…

Disease Modifying Therapies* is not intended to be medical advice but is for info only... I just ran across a new publication by the Consortium of MS Centers which is a non profit in…

Choosing Gratitude... Even with MS*

Gratitude helps to lift our eyes off the difficult things in life so that we can see the things in our life that are good. Being thankful helps you to establish a positive pattern of thinking…

Do any of you have these symptoms?*

I have not been diagnosed with MS yet, but I have had symptoms since December, and I know I have lesions in my brain. The doctors are on a “wait and see” protocol, but I am going to a…

Looking for a holistic route for MS treatment*

Hi,  My name is Jessica, and I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed with MS in October of 2016. After I had my first son in March of 2016, around June I started waking up with double vision that…

MS or Conversion Disorder?*

My neurologist and the MS Specialist I have seen both believe I have a Conversion Disorder, but both have been dismissive and slightly condescending. My Primary Dr believes I have MS, and he…

Burning skin all over with small prickling sensations*

Hello! Im.sorry i advance for my newness and still trying to find my way around. I have not yet been diagnosed but it's been discussed. I currently do have Hashimotos, and something in my…

what after the jcv shows positive.*

i've taken 76 injections of tysabri, recently jc virus showed positive about 4.08. can i know the next step?

My mom get tired really fast.*

Hello, my mom have ms. Today i was with her at shoping and she get tired pretty fast, after like 1500 meters of walking she get tired and her muscles hurt. She need to hold me up by hand to…

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Does the heat cause the spasms to be worse*

Ok so now that summer is really here my muscles seem tighter and more spastic. Or is it my imagination making me believe it's from the heat? Seems like the same but keeps happening.

What are my options?? Too much for Medicaid, but cannot afford marketplace. *

So, up until last August (2018), I had Medicaid and was able to access my doctors and testing needs. My Medicaid was then cut because my spouse made just a bit over the income limit. Come the…

Symptoms / Auditory Hallucinations*

Anyone out there who has been diagnosed with MS have Auditory Hallucinations? Meaning hear voices  / sounds / music in their head like it is playing, but it's not in reality? I read 1 case…


I was told I was in remission. When my neurologist told me she said it may last or if it goes into relapse hitting hard. Opinions please!

It’s Hard to Grow Up!*

Hi Everyone, My name is Amanda and I’m 29... and 16 months.... I love living with my parents but it’s time to go-my boyfriend and I are ready to start a life together but we’re experiencing…

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Wahls diet

Has anyone tried the Wahls protocol diet and did it work?? She basically cured her MS, which she was in a wheelchair, just with diet? Has anyone read her book and tried her approach?

EBV specific T-cell therapy for PPMS - experiences?*

Dear all, I have been recently diagnosed with PPMS and during the past months I have been trying to get used to the worsening symptoms, trying to learn how to live with the disease. I have…

At the Stage of "Am I Crazy?"*

Here's my story, two years ago my eye doctor told me that some of my eye symptoms were commonly seen in people with MS. I looked into those symptoms, but did not look further. Fast forward two…

Left hand and legs acting up.*

Ok so the last couple of days my legs have been giving out more. Then some trouble with my hand. Fingers don't want to work right. Right now I can't open them up all the way only 2 or 3 at…