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Treating MS

Disease Modifying Therapies* is not intended to be medical advice but is for info only... I just ran across a new publication by the Consortium of MS Centers which is a non profit in New Jersey.  I thought I would post this link since there are several conversations going on this site about choosing a… Read More


Hi,  My name is Jessica, and I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed with MS in October of 2016. After I had my first son in March of 2016, around June I started waking up with double vision that lasted about a 3-4 days. A few weeks later went to the ER, which prompted an appt. with a neuro, and then was given my… Read More

Issue with Trusting in Doctors....*

Does anyone else have this same issue of trusting a new doctor or doctors in general when speaking about what is wrong or symptoms that you are concerned about?  I seem to always to have this problem, especially with new doctors.  I now am on my 5th neurologist due to re-locations and change of specialty from… Read More

Wahls diet

Has anyone tried the Wahls protocol diet and did it work?? She basically cured her MS, which she was in a wheelchair, just with diet? Has anyone read her book and tried her approach? Read More


I just started Copaxone injections 2 weeks ago, and have been doing great except for a daily increase in body aches and new pains that weren't there before!  This is not listed as a 'side effect' of the drug, nor have I seen anyone else mention having this problem.  Now I have a very painful right knee (when… Read More

Plexus *

I was just wondering if anyone else has tried using Plexus instead of the traditional medicines that the doctors want to give. I have always been a holistic kind of person and have had a hard time accepting that I would have to take medicine for the rest of my life since my diagnosis. I started taking the… Read More

off label med*

Has anyone tried low dose naltrexone? It’s an Off label medication that I guess works wonders for MS or any autoimmune disease? It was recommended to me and I was just wondering if anyone has tried it and had any luck?  Read More

Gilenya - weight gain*

I've been on Gilenya for a few years and have experienced weight gain - especially in the stomach and hips. I increased expercise and decreased calorie intake to no avail. Has anyone else experienced similar side effects? Read More


I  stopped Tysabri infusions after one year (JC pos.) doctor suggested Gilenya, but I am contenplatine not doing any thing? Sigh...any one on Gilenya, if so how were the side effects? BkBoo Read More

Copax 40mg*

Hey guys. My partner of 9 years was recently diagnosed with MS. We're both 27 years old and of course a little worried and scared and don't know where to go from here.  Alicia's doctor has prescribed her copax injections. The 40mg 3x a week. I'm curious if anyone has any advice about copax. What was your… Read More

Ampyra and an Ileostomy*

Hi there, Along with your MS, do you also have an ileostomy - maybe due to past Ulcerative Colitis - and have tried or are using Dalfampridine (or its brand name, Ampyra)?   If so, I need your feedback because... That's me!  I started Dalfampridine around the first of the month. The trouble, though, is that 4… Read More


So I was diagnosed with MS back in February after having a limp in my walk and really bad slurred speech. I was given IV steroids for 3 days and oral steroids for two days. Since then, both my walk and my speech returned to "normal". For all of March, I felt good. Then around the beginning of April, I had what… Read More


Ok, so it's 11pm where I'm at and I cannot sleep. I was just diagnosed with RMS in February this year and after some careful thought, I chose to start with aggressive treatments to better my chances of slowing the disease progression. I start Ocrevus this Friday the 19th but keep thinking about all the possible… Read More