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Treating MS


Hey, fellow crusaders! My neuro told me at my last appointment that as soon as Tecfidera (aka BG-12) is approved, he'll put me on it. Well, the time has come!  With the FDA approval being finalized on Wednesday, we have started the process.  Is anyone else making the switch?  Or is anyone already on it (i.e… Read More

Embrace your Evolution*

Food for thought by Jennifer HoffmanEach situation in your life exists for your spiritual growth and evolution and when you are ready to acknowledge the wisdom with which you organize the scenarios of your life, you will learn to love each situation. Then you can become aware of its lessons, know and learn them… Read More


Hello everyone, Copaxone and the generics has been my first and only DMD I have tried since the beginning of my diagnosis. When I was on Copaxone I had no problems at all. Then switched to generics and get REALLY bad side effects. It happens seconds after I inject I get heart pounding rapidly and flushing. I've… Read More

CBD oil *

I was wondering if anyone has decided to trade in the DMD for CBD oil? I have tried almost every treatment and was now put on Ocrevus. Was on Tysabri for 9 years until I developed an allergic reaction. Had no new activity for those 9 years. I don’t want to continue on Ocrevus because of potential side effects… Read More

CBD oil??*

hi    Just wondering if anyone is using CBD oil?  If so, my Acupincture Physician would like to know what re*****ble source do you get it from and how is dosing done thank Read More


Hello everyone, are any of you on Glatopa? Insurance is making me switch to a generic. Can you share with me your experience with this med please and thank you:) Read More

Awful side effects of glatiramer acetate*

Hi all. I’m wondering if anyone had experienced severe body aches/chills/chattering teeth from glatiramer acetate or copaxone. I’ve been on the medication about 6 months and have recently begun having extreme reactions to the medicine. My doctor has not offered me any helpful suggestions on how to prevent… Read More

Pressure in nose and head? Please help*

Hi friends, I see this has been addressed before but several years ago so I wanted to start a new thread. I was diagnosed with MS last week and have been experiencing extreme pressure in the head, behind eyes, nose and ears for months as well as dizzyness that doesn't let up! My neuro and GP are away and I'm… Read More

Ocrevus vs. Tecfidera *

Hello,  I was diagnosed with MS in February 2019. I began taking Gilenya in May but it was not a good fit. Gilenya was causing anxiety on things that I would do on a daily basis. I stopped taking it about a month ago. My MS doctor gave me two options - ocrevus or tecfidera.  Has anyone else taken either… Read More

CBD and THC oil?*

Has anyone found the use of cannabis THC concentrate oil or CBD concentrate oil helpful for MS or spasticity? When I say oil I'm referring to the type made by Rick Simpson. This oil is 95% THC and is black and relatively like toothpaste. Also with the advent of CBD oils becoming legal in all 50 states, they… Read More


Hi guys, I'm a high school student researching about MS for an anatomy school project. Recently, I've read and heard from some MS patients about how certain diets can be really helpful with treating MS. I've read about the Best Bet Diet, created by Matt Embry, and it basically describes to stay away from all… Read More

MS medication and sperm count *

Hi ..  So my husband was diagnosed with MS in October 2017. Although we know that MS does not prevent a women getting pregnant or prevent a man from being able to reproduce, I am trying to find out if medication will lower sperm count making it hard to get pregnant. My husband is on gilenya and we were told… Read More

Solumedrol Treatment*

This is the second time I've had to get IV treatment for symptoms. I always get 3 days of treatment using Solumedrol. The first time I got treatment back in October I had little to no symptoms afterwards - only a metallic taste in my mouth and fatigue. This time I have been having extreme hot flashes, burning… Read More

Ampyra causing pain*

Hello I’m new here but have had MS for 10 years. I had 3 spots for most of that time. 1 spot was in the pain & sentivity part of course, so I have Shingle type pain on most of my body. My left side is mimicking the pain on the right so I’m hypersensitive to touch. Cold is extra hellish & if you ever want… Read More

injection of Brabio pain*

I injected Brabio using the applicator pen into right thigh ( had done this twice before - no symptoms) and immediately had extreme pain shoot down my right outside of thigh. Has continued for a week now, feels like a very sharp - pulling pain extremely painful. GP believes I have injected into nerve. Anyone… Read More

Drugs or no drugs *

Hey Everyone    So this is my first post on any website forum about MS but I figured it might be the best place for suggestions or answers. I visited my neurologist recently and he said as my MRI concerns him that I should consider taking medication for my MS to stop future attacks. Now I'm more of a person… Read More