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Treating MS

Cymbalta for Arm pain, guidance needed*

Has anyone on here taken Cymbalta to help with pain in their arms (or anywhere I guess)?  Did you also have EXTREME exhaustion with it? I was so tired all the time, I could barely function. So, I told my dr that I wanted to get off of it and I am almost there, had to step down slowly, but now I am in a extreme… Read More

Cannabis Oil*

Hi everyone... my twin sister was diagnosed with the progressive form of MS and I was wondering if anyone has used or heard of "cannabis oil" as a side treatment along with tecfledura and amantadine? Are there any contra-indications using these medicines along with the cannabis oil?  I would so appreciate an… Read More

Hair loss*

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with RRMS in march of 2017. After starting Tecfidra I started to have excessive hair loss once starting the 240mg dose. I have tried taking biotin and zinc but it has not helped. I see hair loss as a side effect in forums but no real answers. Has anyone found an answer to this… Read More

Hair Loss and Techfidera *

Been on Techfidera for 4 years now. The hair loss is almost intolerable. I don't need haircuts anymore since my hair doesn't grow. It's so frizzy and weak, I look like I put my finger in a light socket.  Wanted to share this in case anyone else has experienced this. I also still experience flushing every so… Read More

Steroid treatment timetable? *

I've not been officially diagnosed yet, however, I have active lesions on the brain and spine and visited a neurologist two days ago. As is the case for some, my journey to MS has been a long one (first attack was 18 years ago, second started over a month ago and is still kickin), so I'll spare the intricacies.… Read More

Generic Glatimer Acetate*

I was on Copaxone for over 10 years and my insurance will no longer pay for it. I have been switched to the generic form. I have developed a churning stomach at about the same time I went to the generic. I have had cat scan, endoscopy and nothing is showing up. Is it possible that it is the generic form causing… Read More

Pressure in nose and head? Please help*

Hi friends, I see this has been addressed before but several years ago so I wanted to start a new thread. I was diagnosed with MS last week and have been experiencing extreme pressure in the head, behind eyes, nose and ears for months as well as dizzyness that doesn't let up! My neuro and GP are away and I'm… Read More

Rebif *

I've been on rebif for about 2 years now , ever since I've never gotten any other symptom except for fatigue ..I know I should be happy but I find myself just scared and waiting for my next relapse ... are there times where you don't get any symptoms for years? Read More


Hello everyone, Copaxone and the generics has been my first and only DMD I have tried since the beginning of my diagnosis. When I was on Copaxone I had no problems at all. Then switched to generics and get REALLY bad side effects. It happens seconds after I inject I get heart pounding rapidly and flushing. I've… Read More

switching from Copaxone to Ocrevus*

Hello, I've been on Copaxone for almost 20 years. Had a hiccup about 10 years ago where I had to go on rebif -but it didn't agree with me. After being on rebif for 7 months, my liver enzymes went up, so I went off it, felt better and have been on Copaxone now for 10 years. Recently I have been experiencing an… Read More


Hi there! I'm new here. 35 year old F, currently diagnosed with Benign MS. The last time I was severely affected was when I could barley walk and my entire left side was completely numb. That was back in 2011. Fast forward to today. I've never been on any medications for my MS. I manage my symptoms the best I… Read More

Anyone Taking Mavenclad? *

I'm about to start treatment for my MS and will be taking a medication called Mavenclad. So far I haven't met anyone else who has been or is taking the drug, even though it's been around in other countries for over fifty years. As far as I know I will be one of the first in the US to take the medication because… Read More

Changing medication *

hi, has anyone of the group switched the injectable medication to the oral med?? I’m on rebif for more than 14 years and i want to switch to the oral one , what do you advise me ?  Read More

Cervical lesion & Tysabri *

Diagnosed 6 months ago. Looking for others that are taking Tysabri and can share their experience.....daily side effects, when did you begin seeing improvements and help with exacerbation vs relapse.  I have paraesthesia in my hands & spasticity in my forearms with altered sensation in random areas of my body.… Read More


I was diagnosed a month ago at 26. The 2 drugs we decided on was either Gilenya or Mayzent which is the new drug that came out in March/April 2019. I think they’d prefer me use Mayzent because it supposedly works the same as Gilenya, but less side effects. I’m very skeptical about medications in general due to… Read More


Are there people out there that are on Rebif?  All the posts are old on Rebif, so I am curious if most people have left this drug for the newer drugs.  I have been on Rebif for 16 yrs. Read More

Bad day *

Today i having been crying for an hour. I am not sure what to do I am realy scared about the pml risk of the medication and thinking I may not do any treatment. My doc is not realy hearing me out and I am so scared. I have not been test for the jc virus I I need to before I do any treatment. I am at… Read More


New symptoms have had my doctor recommend new treatment of aubagio Can anyone share their experiences with this MS med whether good or bad. The effects I read about this medicine are frightening to me Looking for personal experiences before starting this med Read More