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Treating MS

Tecfidera *

Hello. I am hoping to start this treatment pretty soon. It will be around the same time I start a new job. What symptoms should I be aware of? If I'm not mistaken you ake one pill in the morning and one at night. How long before symptoms subside? Read More

Alternatives to Tecfidera*

Hi, my Nuerologist has prescribed Tecfidera  for me for the last few years. I recently had a baby and haven't taken MS medicine since I found out I was pregnant but will soon go back to him once I have stopped breast feeding. Tecfidera costs $7000 a month and forces my husband to carry the most expensive… Read More

PPMS and alternative treatments*

I am curious to know if anyone with PPMS has used the drug Ibudilast (Ibudilast, AV-411, MN-166, Ketas, Pinatos, Eyevinal)    off label as a treatment for PPMS.  I thought surely in one of these groups a simple search would turn up at least a few people mentioning this drug, as trials and studies seem to be… Read More

Doctor says meds can cause cancer*

Hi I recently asked my neurologists about changing meds because of getting worse. And she told me she didn't want to because the other meds can cause cancer. My problem is that my symptoms have gotten worse. I keep having falls lose feeling or from spasisty in my legs. Generally I start semi ok after doing some… Read More

Autoimmune Diet*

Hi! My hormone doctor (not my MS doctor) has insisted that I follow the very restrictive AIP diet, (autoimmune diet). She swears that most foods are attacking my gut and making my MS worse. It is crazy restrictive and eliminates all dairy, grains, nuts, seeds, nightshades, sugars of any kind, eggs, etc. The… Read More

Drugs or no drugs *

Hey Everyone    So this is my first post on any website forum about MS but I figured it might be the best place for suggestions or answers. I visited my neurologist recently and he said as my MRI concerns him that I should consider taking medication for my MS to stop future attacks. Now I'm more of a person… Read More

Ocrevus vs. Tecfidera *

Hello,  I was diagnosed with MS in February 2019. I began taking Gilenya in May but it was not a good fit. Gilenya was causing anxiety on things that I would do on a daily basis. I stopped taking it about a month ago. My MS doctor gave me two options - ocrevus or tecfidera.  Has anyone else taken either… Read More


I was diagnosed a month ago at 26. The 2 drugs we decided on was either Gilenya or Mayzent which is the new drug that came out in March/April 2019. I think they’d prefer me use Mayzent because it supposedly works the same as Gilenya, but less side effects. I’m very skeptical about medications in general due to… Read More

Gilenya & Low Lymphocyte Count*

I was diagnosed with MS this past February. I started taking Gilenya in April. After about 2 months on Gilenya I had labs done and my doctors noticed a drop in my lymphocyte count which is what they were expecting. Fast-forward to about 6 months on Gilenya. I just had labs done again and my lymphocyte count… Read More

Hopeful MS cure

I recently just got back from NY where I joined a study being done by Dr. Raymond Damadian (original inventor of the MRI) and Dr. Scott Rosa.  Dr.Damadian thinks he has identified the cause of MS.  He feels it is the result  of damage done as a result of head or neck trauma causing blockage of the flow of CSF… Read More


Good evening, everyone. I'm newly diagnosed and new to this chat room. Thank you in advance for your input and support. You all understand, and I'm grateful. I started self-injecting glatiramer acetate (a generic form of Copaxone) about 6 weeks ago. The first few weeks I experienced no bad side effects, but for… Read More

Buspar for anxiety*

Hi,  I think I have had anxiety/ADHD my entire  life  but currently it is unbearable. I may be going through a relapse which I’ll ask about in another thread but is anyone taking Buspar for anxiety which my dr prescribed? My thoughts are racing, cant think clearly, heart racing, lump in throat, can’t get… Read More

MY Anxiety Remedy :)*

No doubt, anxiety and emotions have been a big hurdle.  That said, what works for me is diamond painting.  That might sound random, but it's true.  The act of being so focused on something that anxiety fades without my even noticing.  I highly recommend giving it a try.  It's cheap, and it helps.   Example… Read More

Anyone Taking Mavenclad? *

I'm about to start treatment for my MS and will be taking a medication called Mavenclad. So far I haven't met anyone else who has been or is taking the drug, even though it's been around in other countries for over fifty years. As far as I know I will be one of the first in the US to take the medication because… Read More

Tysabri to Gilenya*

Been on Tysabri for a year, had to get off (JC Positive) and just got back my MRI results. Lesions are the same but no new ones...? is this such good news? I thought it would take some away. and now changn meds to Gilenya but I am scared to take it. What are peoples experienses with this drug? Jeez  my… Read More

Tens unit anyone have *

Ok so it's been years since I've used a tens unit. I get these muscle spasms that leaves me screaming in pain at times or wanting to. So I just got a cheap one for about $10.  I don't expect a lot out of it but maybe a little relief would be nice. Anyone have much luck any advice?  Read More