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Treating MS

Hemp Oil*

Anyone using hemp oil?  ​You who are using pot, have you noticed a consistent benefit or varying? Are you using a single strain or varying the type of pot you are using? ​For six months now I have been on hemp oil and have noticed an improvement in the use of my hands and arms, so much so that  the other dayI… Read More

Vitamin D*

I went to the dermatologist today for an appraisal of my skin, since I sit outside in the sun about 4 times a week for 15 minutes and wanted to see if all was well.  By the time I left, I felt like I would be diagnosed with skin cancer in the next 15 minutes.  The doctor STRONGLY recommended that I get all my… Read More

Should I be Starting Treatment?*

I was diagnosed with MS this week.  I’ve been having symptoms off and on for years (numbness, vertigo) and the MRI confirmed multiple lesions in multiple parts of the brain.  They scheduled me for a contrast MRI in two weeks.  However, I’ve been having left face and arm numbness, memory problems, and vision… Read More


OK. So I do not normally contribute to blogs, discussion, conversations etc. as I fall firmly into the "lurker" category. However, I do check out this site often and have appreciated everyone else's contributions. So why contribute now?  The reason I am typing now is in about 4hrs I am going for my first… Read More

Plegridy users*

I am about to start Plegridy and if anyone has information on being on it, I would appreciate any feedback I was diagnosed officially April 8 and after three more Mris my main lesion has gone down and I made the decision to immediately starts meds. Thank you to anyone out there who can tell me how they feel on… Read More

Scared of starting treatment*

Hello everyone, I'm newish-ly diagnosed with MS and going to be starting treatment in a few months. When I received my diagnosis in 2016 my husband and I discovered we were also pregnant so we held off on starting any treatments. Unfortunately, we lost that baby around 20 weeks. A few months later, we became… Read More

Retuximab Treatment *

I am looking into taking Retuximab for the treatment of my MS. I was diagnosed with MS 18 years ago. I had a flare last July and did the 3 day steroid treatment. I had always treated my MS with injections (Copaxone and Beteseron). I was told I needed to begin taking a more aggressive drug. My neurologist… Read More


Hello, I was diagnosed this past monday with MS. and I'm supposed to be starting treatment. My doctor gave me some information about Tecfidera and Copaxone. Any ideas on which is better? I've been reading up on them but I would like to know how others feel about it. I'm new at this and would like some feedback.… Read More

Sun poisoning/sunburn*

Hello, my mom has ms, I am her caregiver. About 3 weeks she got really bad sun poisoning/sunburn. She's tried everything but nothing is healing it. She's allergic to almost every antibiotic. This is the first time something like this has ever happened. It's 3 wks later and nothing has changed. I'm getting… Read More

Anyone use provigil for fatigue ?*

i was just given provigil by my dr for fatigue. Anyone have any tips on the best way to use this? I tried 1/2 pill in morning but it didn’t help me through the whole day and I’ve tried a whole pill in the morning and it made me jittery and shaky. I’m still jittery almost 24 hours later. Maybe I’ll try 1/2 in… Read More

Diagnosed Last Week-IV Steriods*

Good Evening. I was diagnosed with RRMS last thursday. Had IV Steriods on Friday, had again Today, Tomorrow and Wednesday. Wondering how long it may take to get some feeling back, ir if i may not get it back at all. Left torso is numb (for 7 weeks now) with MS Hug (about 5 weeks now), left leg weakness and… Read More

Medicine Side Effects*

Newly diagnsed here and in the process of figuring out what treametns work best. I did have aanother relaspe last week and had to get some heavy steriod treatment. While I feel better from the relaspe, I now can't feel teh right side of my face and my eye is really bothering me. I've heard this can be a side… Read More

rituxan *

has anyone tried rituxan? i’ve been on aubagio without any improvement. my insurance wouldn’t cover ocrevus. i know rituxan is an off labeled use.  Read More

Ocrevus Experience*

I just had my second round of Ocrevus today.  Six months ago I had my first round (2 weeks apart).  I have PPMS and was diagnosed in 2007.  I’m 63.  Although my lesions have been stable for some time, I feel like my symptoms have been slowly deteriorating.  My walking and balance are not good and my neuropathy… Read More

So Frustrated*

Well...I had been taking baclofen. Over the last couple of days i got severely constipated. My stomach hurt, my colon was spazzing. ..still spazzing, I felt full constantly, nauseous, no appetite. I decided to take a look at the side affects...and what do I see? Constipation. Called the doc, left a message with… Read More

Newly diagnosed and starting treatment *

Hi everyone, I was recently diagnosed with MS in February. The doc diagnosed it as agressive MS because of my age and how many liesons I have on my brain and spinal cord. I was all set to start the inusion treatment with Ocrevus because that's what my doctor said with be most beneficial but my insurance has… Read More