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Treating MS

Ampyra and an Ileostomy*

Hi there, Along with your MS, do you also have an ileostomy - maybe due to past Ulcerative Colitis - and have tried or are using Dalfampridine (or its brand name, Ampyra)?   If so, I need your feedback because... That's me!  I started Dalfampridine around the first of the month. The trouble, though, is that 4… Read More


So I was diagnosed with MS back in February after having a limp in my walk and really bad slurred speech. I was given IV steroids for 3 days and oral steroids for two days. Since then, both my walk and my speech returned to "normal". For all of March, I felt good. Then around the beginning of April, I had what… Read More

Issue with Trusting in Doctors....*

Does anyone else have this same issue of trusting a new doctor or doctors in general when speaking about what is wrong or symptoms that you are concerned about?  I seem to always to have this problem, especially with new doctors.  I now am on my 5th neurologist due to re-locations and change of specialty from… Read More

Gilenya - weight gain*

I've been on Gilenya for a few years and have experienced weight gain - especially in the stomach and hips. I increased expercise and decreased calorie intake to no avail. Has anyone else experienced similar side effects? Read More


Ok, so it's 11pm where I'm at and I cannot sleep. I was just diagnosed with RMS in February this year and after some careful thought, I chose to start with aggressive treatments to better my chances of slowing the disease progression. I start Ocrevus this Friday the 19th but keep thinking about all the possible… Read More


I recently had to go to the ER again on April 25th because I could not get my pain under control and my neurologist told me to go there to get the pain under control because obviously I was having a flare up and we had already tried the steroids.  Again, yeah again, I was told by 2 different ER doctors that MS… Read More

Copax 40mg*

Hey guys. My partner of 9 years was recently diagnosed with MS. We're both 27 years old and of course a little worried and scared and don't know where to go from here.  Alicia's doctor has prescribed her copax injections. The 40mg 3x a week. I'm curious if anyone has any advice about copax. What was your… Read More

Stem Cell*

I am currently trying to find someone who successfully received stem cell treatment! I am interested in getting them sell myself. So... * where did you get it done and through who? * when did you have it done and how well has it worked for you? * whatever information I can get, I am very, very, very… Read More

PPMS and alternative treatments*

I am curious to know if anyone with PPMS has used the drug Ibudilast (Ibudilast, AV-411, MN-166, Ketas, Pinatos, Eyevinal)    off label as a treatment for PPMS.  I thought surely in one of these groups a simple search would turn up at least a few people mentioning this drug, as trials and studies seem to be… Read More

CBD oil *

I was wondering if anyone has decided to trade in the DMD for CBD oil? I have tried almost every treatment and was now put on Ocrevus. Was on Tysabri for 9 years until I developed an allergic reaction. Had no new activity for those 9 years. I don’t want to continue on Ocrevus because of potential side effects… Read More


Hi, I've had the worst five days and today my Ms has taken on new heights.  Please, if anyone has these symptoms I outline below, and knows how to treat them or calm them down, please email me or post back.   I was diagnosed Jan 2016 w Ms, I had a large lesion on my left brain which knocked out my motor skills… Read More

New to Copaxone injections *

Hi, I am brand new to all of this, i have been put on copaxone daily injections and I will be doing my 4th injection tonight. I have so far been ok with it other than the horrible burning and itching however, the thing I'm most worried about is the fatigue and whole body soreness the next day. Is this normal… Read More


I just started Aubagio March 1, 2019 and am a little freaked out by the hair I am losing already from it.  I feel very very tired and agitated.  It could be MS fatigue, numb and tingling in my hands, nausea, etc.  I have to do a blood test to check my liver in a week, and then six months after.  I was wondering… Read More

my second stem cell therapy*

Today is the day! My second stem cell therapy will be done at 12:30 pm. I really cannot wait to see what comes of this one. I am stoked and have incredible vibes on all the good I will see collaborate from the old one and tomorrows therapy put together as one. There are so many good signs pointed at positives… Read More

DMT treatment decision*

There are several different discussion threads on this topic so I have started a new one to share this info.  For those of you trying to come to a decision on disease modifying drugs, I just read a good article from the United Spinal Association outlining the most current thinking in the medical community.  I… Read More