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Treating MS

HSCT treatment in Sweden*

A close relative is looking into treating her RRMS with HSCT. As Europe is the most viable option I'm interested to hear about any experience from Karolinska University hospital in Sweden. I've managed to find a blog from a Norwegian  woman describing her experience and her life after the treatment. By… Read More

Stem Cell Treatment*

I have been put forward to have a stem cell treatment. It will involve harvesting my own stem cells, wiping my immune system with chemo and the. Being given back my own stem cells. In theory it will then reboot my immune system and the ms is history.  Im aware it's high risk but it's an opportunity I cannot… Read More

severe reactions to Copaxone 40 mg *

I have relapsing remitting MS and used Copaxone 20mg since the first day(2013) until I got pregnant and chose to stop the injections. after giving birth I then started using Copaxone 40mg. after a month into injections I had these reactions that started a few minutes after injection with tightening of the chust… Read More

Steroids, number of doses? *

my husband in the middle of his 1st MS episode and he has had 5 rounds of IV Steroids and then another MRI showed his lesion had gotten bigger. They then gave him 2 more rounds of IV Steroids and his symptoms finally stopped spreading and he got a little feeling back on his back (numb and tingling from neck… Read More

tecfidera complications*

I have been on tecfidera for 2 years with RRMS and always had issues with my stomach, flushing, nausea .. but I dealt with them.. I stopped it for a month and feel a lot better but my MS symptoms are rolling back in .. so now I feel the pressure to start it again.. but all that talk about PML and low white… Read More

Jcv + and tecfidera*

i have seen a lot of literature and a lot of warnings about these two. I have been on avonex since January 2017. I hate the injections. My legs are permanently bruised. But I had a nasty relapse in October 2017 which left me with permanent weakness in my left leg. Neurologist and I agree it’s a mess fail so I… Read More

So confused about Fish Oil/ Omega-3 *

Those of you who have researched Fish Oil/Omega-3 intake, I really appreciate your response: I hae been trying to investigate good fish oil/omega 3 to take, and quantity but an finding it really overwhelming.This is what I understand: 1. Omega 3 is really what we want to be taking for MS. (The other… Read More

Starting then stopping Ampyra

I was on Ampyra for a few months and then had to come off it.  Ampyra helped me to walk faster although not necessarily better --foot drop stayed but energy to lift leg was higher. Anyway, when I came off Ampyra my walking ability was worse than before I started it!  It's been two months off the medication and… Read More


My neurologist is trying to start a treatment plan that involves Lemtrada and then the years following infusion patients will use copaxone, in which has shown to cut disability and further progression substantially. I have already failed rebif, and another drug. I am just wondering if there are any of you guys… Read More

Water intake

Why is it necessary to drink a lot of water when taking the Disease Modifying Medications? I work out six (weightlifting and cardio) days a week. This weekend I read an article where someone who has a similar workout routine as me drinks a gallon of water a day. That's double what I usually drink. A little… Read More

MS Stinks*

SO, I live in Northern Illinois and am no writer. In fact, My grammar, spelling and punctuation all suck. That being said. I hope you find what I have to say useful. Or at least read what I say and have a solution. But people. I am not giving up cheeseburgers, pizza or taco’s. So don’t even try! :)To the point,… Read More

What to Eat?*

I was given a pre diagnosis/ beginning stages diagnosis. They'll be keeping an eye on the foci.  Anyways, I am looking at using diet to treat it until my next appointment.  I don't know which would be best. The Wahls, OMS Diet or if there is another diet? I am a type 2 diabetic. I control it with diet . I'm… Read More


Why should I take Ampyra is my balance and coordinaiton are already very unstable?  Two of the side effects are dizziness and impaired balance.  When I asked my specialist what could help with wlking, he suggested Ampyra knowing I have extreme balance and coordination issues.  We also talked about an AFO for… Read More

Injections of Copaxone*

I have recently started copaxone. I take 40 mg injections three times a weeks. I have plenty of "fleshy" places everywhere that I am supposed to inject except on my hips. If I pinch up insert the needle and release the needle will pull right out. Any suggestions on how to give yourself shots in your hips when… Read More

Aubagio / Tecfidera*

Hey everyone! So with some good news from my neurologist about my lesions and their location, we are hoping this doesnt ever get aggresive God willing, and from a medical stand point. With that being said I have been leaning more towards the treatment of my RRMS with pills before I go right for an inejction… Read More

baclofen pump

My Dr. has recommended a baclofen pump. I went to hospital for a 3 day test to see if it would work for me. My Dr. thought it was successful and that it would be of benefit to me. I would like to hear from others that have the pump and get their opinions about how it works for them, how difficult or easy it was… Read More