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  • Colorado
    I recently just got back from NY where I joined a study being done by Dr. Raymond Damadian (original inventor of the MRI) and Dr. Scott Rosa.  Dr.Damadian thinks he has identified the cause of MS.  He feels it is the result  of damage done as a result of head or neck trauma causing blockage of the flow of CSF through the cervical spine area.  This then generates way too high CSF pressure in the brain leading to the leaking of CSF around the ventricles in the brain.  Most doctors have theorized that MS is an autoimmune disease where the body, in reaction to some unknown virus, attacks the myelin coating on the nerves.  In reality, the leaking CSF is causing the damage to the nerves.  What is CSF?  It is made up of water and proteins...9 of which are the antigens that attract the antibodies that attack the myelin lining on the nerves in the brain.  I urge you to go to "" to read his actual initial study.   Thus, Dr. Damadian feels MS is an autoimmune disease caused by a physiological problem.  His study shows eight people with MS who all show blockage in CSF flow in the cervical spine area, excessive CSF pressure in the brain and actual leakageof CSF around the ventricles inthe brain.  Now, why and how did Dr. Damadian discover this? He is the inventor of the UPRIGHT MRI for starters.  He recently developed new hardware and software for his MRI that has allowed  him to image, measure and calculate flow of CSF in the head and neck area of the body.  To his surprise, he found CSF pressure doubled in the upright position as compared to the recumbent position in patients with MS.  The next question, is WHY?  With further scanning, he found blockages in the CSF flow through the cervical spine area. With the ability to have cine motion scans of flexation and extension, he has actual video showing the leakageas it happens.  THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH! 
    He has teamed up wih Dr Scott Rosa who is working with his study patients to attempt to open up the flow of CSF. Dr. Rosa uses a non invasive and relatively inexpensive method to accomplish this. (He uses an atlas orthogonal device to position the C1(atlas) and C2 discs with extreme precision .)  With the flow opened, the CSF pressure returns to normal and the leaking stops.  You stop the stop the disease.  AND the brain heals itself
  • Edgar1
    Any update? Have you been treated? How much is he charging for the trial?

    Please don't take offense, but this sounds a bit suspicious and too good to be true. Those of us who have lost abilities through MS can be ready to latch onto unproven and possibly dangerous treatments like CCSVI, stem cell treatments etc. I'm not against trials of these techniques, but this is a tough disease. If it's working for you, let us know. If not, I'd like to hear about it.
  • jnut
    That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  • Colorado
    I agree...I am hopeful that my brain will heal and I will be able to walk normally again.  If during this year, I see improvement...I am going to get very vocal and raise as much money as possible to help Dr Damadian and Dr Rosa expand their research.  Stay tuned.  By the way, MS does look good on you.
  • Avatar
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