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  • jimt2
    I was diagnosed with MS about 22 years ago, but the last 2 years have been tough due to bladder burning issues.  I’ve recently changed neurologist and urologist and now go to a teaching hospital where the neuro specializes with patients with MS.  I’ve been on Ditropan, Trospium (which made it so I couldn’t tell if I had to urinate or not), and now the Md wants to try Myrbetriq...has anyone had success with Myrbetriq or have you had better success with something else?
    My symptoms are much worse when I travel, I think it’s the vibration from the drive.
    thank you
  • maria1
    One of my cousins gets botox injections every several years, and is satisfied with the results.
  • jimt2
    thank you very much for responding Maria1
  • waltzing_matilda

    I'm using Myrbetriq.  It's hella expensive but I refuse to use the drugs that are most often prescribed for OAB.  They are anticholinergics, which are currently being studied to determine if they increase risk of dementia.  So far it's looking like they do.  Good job stopping them!

    There are a few other things you might want to try.  Accupuncture works for some people.  Biofeedback helps me.  Pelvic physical therapy might help but you would have to find a therapist who is very well versed in treatment of people with MS.  Some of the techniques used on people without neurological disease can make things worse for us.

  • jimt2
    Thank you for responding and suggestions...all things to consider and take to my Neuro appt in 2 weeks.
    thanks again!