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  • boisenberry73
    I think I have had anxiety/ADHD my entire  life  but currently it is unbearable. I may be going through a relapse which I’ll ask about in another thread but is anyone taking Buspar for anxiety which my dr prescribed? My thoughts are racing, cant think clearly, heart racing, lump in throat, can’t get anything accomplished the first half of day and will feel slightly better the second half and evening. Having to make any kind of decision totally wears me out. Any anti anxiety med thoughts? Thanks! 
  • maria1
    Hi boisenberry, sorry, I dont know that drug, but I do know about anxiety. Are you practicing deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxing exercises? Are you in therapy? Therapy is a great way to reorder thinking, eliminating unhelpful thoughts. We never really know what the outcome of our decisions are until we act upon them, we expect a particular outcome but it is not guaranteed until we act. Sitting on the fence is worse.

    I do take 10 mg citalopram daily to take the edge off, my partner keeps repeating stuff and forgetting stuff and so do I, so, I take the pill so I dont kill him, giggle.

    Deep breathing is very good, it gives us a moment to observe our body and the effect of oxygen intake.  My father always told us to: think happy thoughts! He was right, you can choose to think the worst or you can choose to think the best. I was going for surgery one year and found myself getting very anxious to go under the knife, then I thought about it and realized it was going to make things better, so I stopped worrying. Therapy helps to change our point of view, worry about what could go wrong or be confident about what could go right.

    I heard a quote recently that worry was being in love with the situation! We must like it the way it is if we keep nurturing it? Does that make sense? Most times writing down what is messing up my head helps it go away, it also makes it easier for the brain to rest. All the what ifs in life help us prepare for the possibilities but sure messes with the brain.

    Finding a route to calm the mind is important with ms, the calmer we are the less the ms acts up. And soft muscles, instead of always keeping the muscles rigid. Have you observed if you keep your muscles tight or relaxed? Is there something especially happy that you remember that you can always think of?

    When you need to rant, we are here to listen, you do not have to be burdened, you can let go of all the 'stuff' that gets in the way of feeling good about yourself. What do you do to feel good about yourself? Do you spend much time doing things that make you feel good about yoursef?

    Are you careful about what you eat?
  • boisenberry73
    Thank you for your reply, kind words and support. I am having all these Stanton’s o either side of my body, like my rib cage and left torso is getting weaker and weird sensation. I do try and deep breathe, trying to get myself to do more of the MSGym. I liked your saying about worry. I unfortunately right now am consumed with it as much as I know it’s unhealthy. Just went to the ER all day even though I knew they weren’t really going to do anything. Thanks again for letting me rant. deep breath, deep breath. This too shall pass....
  • maria1
    There is a post here called" Take Charge of My MS', that talks about thoughts being helpful or unhelpful, something  I never considered, like is it useful? Never evaluated my thoughts before, learned how to throw away the stuff that is not helpful or useful, "I am a very lazy person, I try to find the fastest easiest way to get the job done", So I spend my time trying to find the fastest easiest way to make me happy, my daily goal in life,
  • echobird
    Hi boisenberry you should be able to Google the side affects of bosbar and I do believe that one of the side affects of the medication is exactly what what you are experiencing!  Maybe you can talk to your Dr about putting you on something that doesn't cause the problems that you are experiencing. Best wishes Bobby.
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Sorry you are going through this. I have been diagnosed with ADHD as well (this was before my Ms diagnosis), I was prescribed Adderall for it & took that medication for about a year but couldn't sleep on it so was taken off it. I was officially diagnosed with Ms in late July 2017, but my neurologist said he believes I've had Ms for some time based on my brain MRI & spinal tap results. I currently take 20 mg of Lexapro click here for info on Lexapro. I take it for depression & anxiety actually and it has helped. I also see both a mental health therapist as well as a psychiatrist (he's who prescribed the Lexapro). I am not familiar with Buspar but here's a list of side effects you can see by clicking here. If Buspar doesn't work for you, maybe Lexapro is an option. I hope you get the help you need and find relief soon.

    True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us. - Socrates
  • cynburris
    I'm on Buspar, and it has helped some, but not a great deal.  I also have ADHD and I can't take Vyvanse or Adderall as they cause chest pain.  I'm hoping to try something else as soon as I can get in to be seen, so thank you for starting this thread!
  • fbenz
    Ive take Buspar, 10 mg twice daily (morning and before bedtime) for about 6 months now, and It's helped. I was completely calm on my wedding day. I had my first MS attack ever this past May, but I was feeling heavy anxiety in the months before my wedding in April. It was normal (I kept telling myself) to be anxious before your own big wedding. I had classic Lhermitte's Sign on my honeymoon, and the internet convinced me to tell my neurologist (for migraines), even though the tingling went away. An MRI and a spinal tap later, it's taken all summer to schedule and get all the tests, but it's definitely MS.

    Talk to your doctor about the timing of the doses. It has a really short half life, so you may need to take it 3x daily. It's one of the easiest drugs for anxiety though, try to figure out your dosing before switching to something else because I've taken antidepressants in the past and they were absolute hell. 
  • ashlilavois

    I'm so sorry that you're dealing with anxiety. My anxiety was driving me crazy when I began taking Gilenya. I began to get anxiety at my office, driving & traveling. What is helping me are cbd gummies, all natural dramamine & I stopped taking Gilenya. Hope this info helps!