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  • j5796
    Anyone take Ocrevus? How does it work and do you get any side effects?
  • cntryg1rl
    I’m on Ocrevus. I’ve had my first two half doses and 2 full doses, I’m due again in November.

    It’s  pretty easy, I sleep through the infusion. No major side effects, I had some hair loss but that has stopped now.
  • DeeDee
    I am on Ocrevus and started more than 3 years ago when I was able to get into a trial, before it was FDA approved. No side effects at all for me, except for the steriod that they give you, just prior to your infusion. It is given to prevent an allergic reaction. It keeps me awake literally all night, the night of my treatment. Other than that, all is good. Strange that a side effect should be that it lowers my immune system, making me more suseptible to illnesses, yet I rarely get colds, flus, etc. The 2 times that I caught a cold from my husband, it was the mildest colds I've every had. A little running nose and not much else. Good luck to you!