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Treating MS

Solumedrol Treatment*

This is the second time I've had to get IV treatment for symptoms. I always get 3 days of treatment using Solumedrol. The first time I got treatment back in October I had little to no symptoms afterwards - only a metallic taste in my mouth and fatigue. This time I have been having extreme hot flashes, burning… Read More

Ampyra causing pain*

Hello I’m new here but have had MS for 10 years. I had 3 spots for most of that time. 1 spot was in the pain & sentivity part of course, so I have Shingle type pain on most of my body. My left side is mimicking the pain on the right so I’m hypersensitive to touch. Cold is extra hellish & if you ever want… Read More

Drugs or no drugs *

Hey Everyone    So this is my first post on any website forum about MS but I figured it might be the best place for suggestions or answers. I visited my neurologist recently and he said as my MRI concerns him that I should consider taking medication for my MS to stop future attacks. Now I'm more of a person… Read More

injection of Brabio pain*

I injected Brabio using the applicator pen into right thigh ( had done this twice before - no symptoms) and immediately had extreme pain shoot down my right outside of thigh. Has continued for a week now, feels like a very sharp - pulling pain extremely painful. GP believes I have injected into nerve. Anyone… Read More

Doctor says meds can cause cancer*

Hi I recently asked my neurologists about changing meds because of getting worse. And she told me she didn't want to because the other meds can cause cancer. My problem is that my symptoms have gotten worse. I keep having falls lose feeling or from spasisty in my legs. Generally I start semi ok after doing some… Read More

Long term medication (Rituxan)*

This is new to me and very surreal. I was first diagnosed in 2017 but shortly after became pregnant so my symptoms never were life changing. Recently I had two episodes which hospitalized me for weeks at time and realized that this was something serious. When I was first diagnosed they prescribed me tecfidera… Read More

Hey it’s me again lol*

Well i Am finally home now ! i have completed my Plasmapheresis treatments & i do feel like they helped a lot with my lesions. The only thing that has been getting me down is my left arm. It's still very weak & with little to no coordination. It's not my dominant arm but it still a challenge getting it back to… Read More

update on how things are going .*

I appreciate all the kind words i've been receiving ❤️ ! This is still just so unreal to me , it's crazy. Well Today october 28th will be my last day in the hospital hopefully for a long time.  i've admitted 3 separate times this month all related to MS. This time i've been here going through that… Read More

Alternatives to Tecfidera*

Hi, my Nuerologist has prescribed Tecfidera  for me for the last few years. I recently had a baby and haven't taken MS medicine since I found out I was pregnant but will soon go back to him once I have stopped breast feeding. Tecfidera costs $7000 a month and forces my husband to carry the most expensive… Read More


Why should I take Ampyra is my balance and coordinaiton are already very unstable?  Two of the side effects are dizziness and impaired balance.  When I asked my specialist what could help with wlking, he suggested Ampyra knowing I have extreme balance and coordination issues.  We also talked about an AFO for… Read More

Gilenya - weight gain*

I've been on Gilenya for a few years and have experienced weight gain - especially in the stomach and hips. I increased expercise and decreased calorie intake to no avail. Has anyone else experienced similar side effects? Read More

Autoimmune Diet*

Hi! My hormone doctor (not my MS doctor) has insisted that I follow the very restrictive AIP diet, (autoimmune diet). She swears that most foods are attacking my gut and making my MS worse. It is crazy restrictive and eliminates all dairy, grains, nuts, seeds, nightshades, sugars of any kind, eggs, etc. The… Read More

Hopeful MS cure

I recently just got back from NY where I joined a study being done by Dr. Raymond Damadian (original inventor of the MRI) and Dr. Scott Rosa.  Dr.Damadian thinks he has identified the cause of MS.  He feels it is the result  of damage done as a result of head or neck trauma causing blockage of the flow of CSF… Read More


Good evening, everyone. I'm newly diagnosed and new to this chat room. Thank you in advance for your input and support. You all understand, and I'm grateful. I started self-injecting glatiramer acetate (a generic form of Copaxone) about 6 weeks ago. The first few weeks I experienced no bad side effects, but for… Read More

Buspar for anxiety*

Hi,  I think I have had anxiety/ADHD my entire  life  but currently it is unbearable. I may be going through a relapse which I’ll ask about in another thread but is anyone taking Buspar for anxiety which my dr prescribed? My thoughts are racing, cant think clearly, heart racing, lump in throat, can’t get… Read More

MY Anxiety Remedy :)*

No doubt, anxiety and emotions have been a big hurdle.  That said, what works for me is diamond painting.  That might sound random, but it's true.  The act of being so focused on something that anxiety fades without my even noticing.  I highly recommend giving it a try.  It's cheap, and it helps.   Example… Read More