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  • Rich1007
    Anybody ever had or used one of these?  The possibilities are so exciting.

    What is taking them so long to bring them to market for the masses and why in the world are they so expensive (geesh...for $150K US you could buy a house )????  

    Imagine being able to go up and down stairs again or walk on uneven ground. :-)
  • nursep
    I agree! This could change the future for millions! MS, Parkinsons, ALS, spinal cord injury, Cerebal Palsy, Amputees, etc. Bring on the robots!! I want one when I can no longer be mobile!!!! Then you would only very rarely need assistance! Maybe with bathing, otherwise you would be good1 And if waterproof ( I'm assuming they would be since my watch and phone are) you would not even need assistance then! So exciting. It gives me hope I can stay independent for much longer!
  • Rich1007
    So true!!!  But what in the world is taking so long????  I started keeping track of eksobionics back in 2008 and they havent made much progress.  Is it that the technology is so complicated?  I doubt it.  If they can land a rover on Mars and have it drive around autonomously and send back cool pictures and analysis of the rocks from millions of miles away they should be able to do this shouldn't they?

    And why the weight limit? (usually 220lbs).  I mean my manual hydraulic floor jack can lift my car! and there are other electric hydraulic systems that can life thousands of pounds easily.

  • maria1
    Rich, I am so glad you are interested in all this high tech stuff. Your post is the first i have heard about this.  The research scientists probably have copyrighted or registered the patent to make sure the get all the money they can before it is copied or cloned. They are probably only partly doing this for humanitarian goals.  Thinking about it, it probably has a whole bunch of software, like a moving computer. Ekso has partnered with lockheed and some of the top tier medical research rehab centers like Kessler institute. In about ten years we, the rest of us, will probably have them available. have you contacted the companies and asked them the question?

    Besides the very rich, the military patients will probably have reasonable access to this high end stuff. I would love to know how they found out which nerves? muscles? things to make us move.

    The Bionic man, science fiction in the present.

    In 1455 Johann Gutenberg printed the first book --- In a little more than five hundred years look what has happened. The final frontier - the wonders of the human. i remember reading '1984' being stupified by food arriving in boxes, prepared-- and tv screens in every home. I am glad I am here to see this. thank you. maria
  • MS Navigator Jess
    Wow! Those are amazing!  Thank you so much for posting this.

  • Avatar
    Yeah, the possibilities are exciting. These can be used for space exploration and future colonization. Imagine bases on Moon and people getting around with such exoskeletons and spacesuits on. Fantastic.