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  • 4intruders
    I've recently been diagnosed with ms. This last week has been unbearable. My left arm is in so much pain that it feels as if all my joints in my fingers and elbow are broken. It burns and itches so much. I can't sleep because the pain is so extreme. Heat and cold things agitate it. I'm usually fine with most pain related things but this is getting out of control. Despite being in the ER with the pain they still only give me basic pain relief (panadol and nurofen) no pain medication works. Im illergic to tramadol and morphine.What helps with your pain like this? Any little things home remedies prescription medication etc just any advice. I'm getting desperate. Thanks in advance!
  • Myst

    My response is going to be very contreversial...I too have a great amount of pain and nothing works.  I have taken many MS specific prescription meds over the years.  A friend gave me a "special brownie" after much pain I gave in and decided to try it.  It helped better than anything has in a long time. It was not a cure or fix of the pain but alleviated it enough so that I could sleep.  This may or may not be an option for you....It was a last resort effort for me.  It DID help reduce the pain and the spasms I was experiencing.  I am not promoting this treatment - just stating that it helped me.  

    I hope you are able to find something that provides relief and feel better soon!  Good luck.

  • muttsandmambo

    Even though some people frown on it, marijuana has helped me as well. I'm going through a bad relaspe and tend to not eat or sleep from the pain. I smoke a little and it's easier to deal with. Taking up a hobby can be a good distraction as well.

    Best of luck!

  • Cindyd

    First remember that this too shall pass.  Meanwhile make sure you have a good MS doctor and his nurse!  There is many meds and things that can be done but.....your doctorand his handy nurse should be directing you on these things.  Remember you are worthy of their help and good MS doctors are willing and able to give it.  The only dumb question is the one you do not ask!  Me...?, a glass of wine, a warm not hot bath that ends with a cool bath, good sleep aides  I use Trazadone and I can rest even with the agrivating pains, tingles, ms hugs, burning, and cramps.  Distractions from things you enjoy is a big plus.  I wish you well and the enjoyment you will find with the best MS doctor for you.

  • joynerthedad

    Please express being desperate about the pain and it causing you to be unable to sleep to your neuro.  Sleep is vital to keeping your symptoms in check.  Unfortunately, as I told someone earlier, it is a process.  They may try some solumedrol infusions to see if making the lesions inactive helps with your pain.  Some neurologists try patients on gabapentin to see if it assists in your nerve pain.  With that, you may need to try different doses to find one that works for you.  Personally, having gone through the fore mentioned 'processes', I now take the hydrocone for pain management.  I would like to try the 'special brownie'. however it is not legal in the state I live in, though I hear it helps.

    Again, mention it to your neuro, even if you have to call just to let them know and schedule an apointment.  From what you are saying this is a new and / or worsening symptom.

  • ralley38
    Can i ask what dose hydrocodone you take. Im not sure i have MS but this episode Im having right now, my entire body hurts, like i was hit by a truck. A couple days ago it was untolerable. I ended up taking 2- 10mg tablets to finally get some relief. But arms, hands, remained weak and heavy, hard to use. I hear narcotics dont work well. Muscle relaxers help me but i feel so drugged for a day or to after take them.
  • Avatar

    I take the Gabapentin for the pain and Nortriptyline at night to help with sleeping so that the pain doesn't keep me awake all night.  I like the idea of Hydrocone or a brownie

  • kkpe5

    My husband has extreme pain over the entire right side of his body from head to toe.  This went on for years and he went to doctors and could not figure out why.  Eventually he was diagnosed with MS which is the cause of the pain.  His neuro at Duke first put him on neurontin which did nothing for his pain.  He them sent him to the pain clinic where they began giving pain pills which, not only, didn't help the pain, but make him so sick he couldn't eat or drink.  After 6 months of different pain pills, he was seen by a neurosurgeon who discussed the option of having an intrathecal pain pump implanted in his body that has a tube that goes around to his spine and is attached to a permanent catheter.  The pump is filled about every 6 weeks with Dilaudid, Hydromorphone, and it is pumped continuosly into his spinal fluid.  He has had it for since March of 2005 and has made a huge difference in managing his pain.  I see you said you are allergic to morphine, but they can put various meds into the pump, such as, Baclofen.  The pump has to be surgically removed and a new one put in about every 5 years since it is powered by a battery.   This works great for him but may not be for everyone.  Pain specialist usually implant them and most of them have a background in Anesthesia.  May be something worth looking into.  


  • Avatar
    Hobby. If you are immersed in it then it helps to relieve pain. At least it's true for me. I'm keen on astronomy. I can read articles about different comets (like this about Haumea), planets, stars, black holes for hours. And it really helps me.