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  • jenstriano
    my mom really needs tendon release surgery in both legs to avoid possible am*****tion the doctors by me in Orange County Ny won't do it does anyone know who would do this for her? Can travel to nyc TIA
  • maria1
    why? has your mom had physical therapy? does she have diabetitis? 
  • jenstriano
    No diabetes just poor circulation but the vascular surgeon thinks if we can straighten out her legs that her wounds can heal
  • maria1

    The Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC is the place to contact.

  • jenstriano
    Thanks I will try them
  • Chrissyny
    Amp...ion is quite the drastic possibility.
     just a thought, why doesn’t she have good circulation, and IF this can spread to other parts of her body what’s the solution gonna be, they going to do just cut it off. 
     not to be a hard ass, but seems really drastic.
     Suggestion – get a second opinion and possibly third opinion. All  we can gain is MORE knowledge to better educate ourselves and possibly prevent this from spreading. Good luck 
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