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  • tamnmark4ever
    We've made up our minds to do HSCT no matter what. If he gets rejected for the Chicago trials then we are headed to India. It's worth the risk. Kicking MS to the curb.
  • pahacker
    Our son looked into HSCT a couple of years ago. We choose to focus on Heidelburg as they have had very good success. We looked at Isreal also but felt that Heidelburg was a less problematic area. We also had friends about an hour away and they were could have helped a great deal. India has had some good success. Our issue with India was not the treatment per se but more the recovery period. You must be able to stay away from anything that would harm your immune system.
    Unfortunately Heidelburg rejected our son because he has had MS for too long. They were looking for higher success patients. We did not have a problem with that but it was discouraging.
  • TJNiemiec
    Please advise if you received HSTC treatment in India or eleswhere.  Tim
  • g-buda
    Good luck and best wishes on success for a ms free life for your son. I am going to have mine here in Cleveland done monday. I am stoked and ready to get my life back.
  • beaurylancambria
    That is awesome! I cant wait to hear about your sucess story. You will have to post alot so we can be a part of your journey.

  • robertjon
    Right On, I'm eager to hear how it goes. Wishing you the best, Blessings, Jon
  • TJNiemiec
    Have you received HSCT treatment? Where ?