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  • Farmlife
    Hi - I have been on ReBiff for many years and it may have become ineffective so the Dr. suggested Aubiago.  I seeking comments anyone who may have good or bad experience with Aubiago.  How bad were the side affects and did the medication seem to work?


  • cjtmn
    Hi Lisa,

    I have been on Aubagio for almost 2 years now, and I’m hopeful to stay on it for a long time. So far my MRIs are stable and compared to Plegridy, which I was on for 10 months, the side effects have been a breeze!!

    I dealt with some pretty bad nausea for the first couple of weeks, and also some GI issues for a few months. I found that the GI stuff is totally manageable for me through diet (need to eat healthy, which is a good thing!) and a daily probiotic.

    I also had some hair loss, but it was only noticeable to me. Even my hairdresser said she saw no signs of thinning.

    I am now faithfully taking 10,000 units of biotin every day & my hair has never been better.

    I hope this is helpful.
  • Farmlife
    Yes very helpful, thanks Cheryl.
  • Kmau
    Maybe I should check with my doctor if I can take Biotin too!

  • Kmau
    Hi Lisa
    I  am taking Aubagio since almost a year now.Except for some GI issues( initially) I had no side effects. 
    But I do experience some hair thinning. I make it a point to use Coconut Oil( whole foods) at least twice a week for my hair and do nothing otherwise.I hope this helps.

    take care.
  • asfceeg
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