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  • justdiagnosed
    Whenever I google ms i  keep reading a alphabet of supplements people take and I’ve got no idea where to start I take a vitamin d oral spray once a day and that’s pretty much it can you guys list out what you take daily and discuss any benefits etc 
  • Amy-G
    Test, do not guess. Each person has different needs, and those needs change over time. A functional medicine doctor  can tell you exactly what you need by conducting lab tests so you do not waste money and feel better faster. I personally do well on 50,000 IU liquid Vitamin D drops and 1500mg evening primrose oil, and methylated B Vitamins including B-12. I take nearly 15 supplements daily, but again I cannot recommend anything for anyone else other than getting a work-up. Wishing you well!
  • justdiagnosed
    15!!! Jeesh I only take 2000iu of vitamin d 
    surely 50,000 a day would be toxic for you? 
  • jasonprestovfd
    I only take vitamin D when I was first diagnosed (2011) my doctor told me to take 2000iu daily. Last year he told me to bump it up to 4000iu. Also the first 4+ years I took Avanox once a week,  then changed to tysabri. I recommend talking to your doctor about anything and everything you take. 
  • MS_Navigators

    This is Steve with the National MS Society. 

    I wanted to provide you with the following 2 links which I hope you find helpful.  The first will take you to our publication on vitamins, minerals, and herbs.  The second will take you to a section of our site for someone with a new MS diagnosis.,-Minerals,-and-Herbs-in-MS-An-Introductio?page=1&orderby=3&order=asc

    Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.  We can be reached at 1-800-344-4867 option 1. 

    Take care!

  • daisydaisy
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