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  • nisaeln
    Hello, I am curious if anyone here has been actively using medical marijuana to help with their symptoms of MS? I have been having lots of muscle spams and was thinking about trying out medical marijuana whether it is the THC side or the CBD side. Just wanted to get some feedback from others. 
    Thanks :)
  • began1031
    I use it daily really helps me with spasms and pain.  I really only use it at night because it also makes it possible to sleep which I couldn't really do before.  My neurologist was on board and helped me get prescription. Just wish insurance helped but either way it's been a life saver.  This is coming from someone who never liked it before.  I use a vapor pen it is the fastest acting way to use. If it's legal where you live get a license and sit with a pharmacist at the dispensary and explain what your issues are and they will get you the right combo of thc/cbd ratio 
  • nisaeln
    thanks for the reply! Okay im gonna give it a try. One more question how did you bring it up to your neurologist? I brought up muscle spasms and she mentions muscle relaxers but I want to stay away with all that and would rather give it a go with CBD
  • began1031
    I just flat out asked what he thought about it for spasms and pain instead of a bunch of different drugs.  He couldn't get me the license but wrote me a script to a dr that was certified to do so.  He's been pretty cool with helping me with everything. 
  • began1031
    Don't think cbd does much for spasms if you're having more of that than pain i might go more on the thc side of it. I use a combo of the two cause I have both.  But like a said talk with people at dispensary about your needs might be a little trial period to find the right mix but for me it's been worth it. 
  • maria1
    It aint legal in MO, but hemp oil has worked well for the spasms in my arms and hands, it keeps them at a tolerable level where drugs did not. I can even do things.
  • golgotha
    Spasms, pain and even energy and some cognitive issues can be addressed with MMJ. I've written about this in the past here, so I won't go into massive details.

    There are over 100 cannabinioids in marijuana, By raw volume the vast majority are of only 2: THC and CBD, But the little-research "minor" cannabinoids and their interaction is the key.

    For spasms CBD is the key. Though smoking weed is common, for MSers smoking has definite downsides. If you're in one of the 1/2-plus of states that have medical marijuana legalized, look for a "full plant" (many just chemically extract the CBD or THC and don't have the full spectrum of cannabinoids) oil that is CBD-heavy and just wipe some under your tongue.