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  • skyking0423


    My mother is 62, had MS since mid 20's, and has relapsing MS. She was on copaxone for years, did good, then stopped taking it saying she didn't need it anymore, then it relapsed. She started it again, but unsure if she was taking it long enough or consistant. 

    Her neurologist wants her to try Ocrevus.  In the past year, she's had bladder infection a few times, and got flu with sepsis back in December.  The trials showed 40% of people got upper respitory infections or flu. In the USA, (from manufacturer) about 30 deaths claimed due to infection related issues (pnemonia, sepsis, etc). They said 100,000 prescribed worldwide but no number on USA alone, but the deaths were USA alone and that is only infection related ones.  

    Hoping to see what personal experience has been for people who have been on Ocrevus. Did you get infections or not, has it helped or not, and thoughts on the risk since my mom has a history of infections and such.  Thanks

  • mostlyanon
    I’d love to know more, my doctor just recommended it to me. I’m a school teacher and usually end up with bronchitis once a year or so. Everything I’ve read seems to have infusion reactions and possible respiratory infections as the two biggest risks. I’ll update you once I start, but I’m hoping to hear from others as well. Good luck!