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  • coolcookie_789

    I started glatiramer a few months ago.  I started using their app, "My Tracker" to remind when it's time for an injection and to keep track of where I recently injected.  But I found it didn't work that well.  The biggest problem was that at least twice, it completely reset.  I lost all of my data!  Another big issue was that when I started, I had one schedule, (T, F, Su) and then I decided I wanted a different schedule (MWF).  When I tried to change the schedule in the app, it showed that it was changed, but all the reminders kept showing up on the original days.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.  No luck.  A good thing is that you can set a schedule of where you want to inject, so it tells you where is next.  But then if you decide one day that you want to skip one place, that place doesn't show up next time and it messes up the schedule.  The app has no way to adjust for that.
    So I tried another app that was recommended called "Injection Tracker".  I had to pay a couple of dollars for this one.  Again, you can set a schedule of which days to take the med and you can set a schedule of injections sites.  But you can't really make changes to these easily.  In fact, the only way I can find to change things is by editing the history instead of editing when you are inputting.  At least now I can easily view the history and see where I gave my last 8 injections.  But it's not that simple and recently I gave myself an injection in the same place with less than 10 days in between because I misread :(
    Also, I would like better reminders.  Both apps give you reminder on the day and you can select a time.  I like to know in the morning that I have an injection that day.  But I also wanted to be reminded by noon if I haven't done it yet.  And again at 5pm if I still haven't done it yet.  None of these apps has that kind of option.  The one I paid for, "Injection Tracker" does give three reminders, but in 10 minute intervals.  I find this annoying and unhelpful.  Especially because when doing the injection, you are supposed to take the med out of the fridge and allow 20 minutes to reach room temp.  So even if you go straight to the fridge with your first reminder, it will go off 2 more times.  
    So is anyone else using an app?  Or does anyone else have a better strategy for tracking their injections?

  • maria1
    I am not familiar with a tracking app I use to use a clockwise direction, right arm, right stomach, right butt, right leg, left leg etc. A good rule is to keep it simple, maybe left right left right will work too, or up down up down. Or maybe a picture of front and back of the body and number the place you shoot, but after years that would be a lot of numbers. If you establish a routine you will get to do it automatically.