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  • connielu
    I was recently diagnosed with RRMS and my Nuerologist wants me to start on Rituxan.  I have only found a couple of posts about it on this site.  Has anyone else received it and what was your experience?
  • pride-roots
    Hello, I am currently on RItuxan. The only compliant i have with it is I dont feel good for about 3 days after I get the treatment. Other than that, I do pretty good after the few days are over. 
  • coolpalm
    Hello, I am getting rituxan infusions every six months. I was also recently diagnosed this past march. So I have only had one treatment so far in April. They did blood work just before to make sure it was ok to do. I was given 3 allergy pills to counter any possible allergic reaction (two of which were benadryl). It took 6hrs but I was aware of this because they told me it might take 8hrs and to bring lunch and a friend lol. I had no reaction to it and was fine directly after. Although my allergist did inform me that with each one of these infusions my body's immune system could become much weaker so i may have more lagg time after the next few treatments.