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Treating MS


My brother is wheelchair-bound and was initially diagnosed as having ADEM, and now 15 years later as MS. His new doctor wants an MRI to see how it compares to the one he initially had so long ago.  Unfortunately he cannot lie flat on his back because his legs can't stretch out straight and they constantly spasm… Read More

Robotic exoskeletons - so cool

Anybody ever had or used one of these?  The possibilities are so exciting. What is taking them so long to bring them to market for the masses and why in the world are they so expensive (geesh...for $150K US you could buy a house )????   Imagine being able to go up and down stairs again or walk on uneven… Read More

Stem Cell*

I am currently trying to find someone who successfully received stem cell treatment! I am interested in getting them sell myself. So... * where did you get it done and through who? * when did you have it done and how well has it worked for you? * whatever information I can get, I am very, very, very… Read More

Need feedback and advice on Ocrevus*

Hello My mother is 62, had MS since mid 20's, and has relapsing MS. She was on copaxone for years, did good, then stopped taking it saying she didn't need it anymore, then it relapsed. She started it again, but unsure if she was taking it long enough or consistant. Her neurologist wants her to try Ocrevus.  In… Read More

Hi folks I’m on tysabri *

Whenever I google ms i  keep reading a alphabet of supplements people take and I’ve got no idea where to start I take a vitamin d oral spray once a day and that’s pretty much it can you guys list out what you take daily and discuss any benefits etc  Cheers  Read More

Medical Marijuana*

Hello, I am curious if anyone here has been actively using medical marijuana to help with their symptoms of MS? I have been having lots of muscle spams and was thinking about trying out medical marijuana whether it is the THC side or the CBD side. Just wanted to get some feedback from others.  Thanks :) Read More

This sucks*

Hi everyone, this is so hard for me. I hate the new change in my entire life that recently happened 2 months ago. I all the sudden had right facial numbess, right arm/hand numbness and writing difficulty, and a hard time expressing things as quicking as I wanted to verbally. So, I went to my primary and I… Read More

secondary ms*

I have Secondary Progressive MS. Haven't been able to walk for several years. My neurologist doesn't want to put me on any medications at this time. She said they're too dangerous, and feels the current injectables will not help. All this is extremely depressing.  It's taking forever!!! Is anyone on anything… Read More

MS meds generics*

hwllo,  I am looking for feedback from people wo have hadmto zwitch to a generic drug since many insurance companies are making people switch  I had been on copaxone for 11 years with no exacerbations. Thanks so much Read More

Tried hemp oil*

Ok so I thought Maria said 1000 mg and I thought I ordered that dosage but I received 2 2500 mg bottles instead and let me tell you I was afraid of ingesting it so I just rubbed it on my spine and my left shoulder and it's like day and night but unfortunately it does wear off after about 5-6 hour's. But what a… Read More

In denial? *

I was diagnosed in 2005, it was all a blur. I had 21 lesions, My vision from right aye was almost gone, got on steroids and got better.  I got on medication right away , but it only lasted 6 months, that shot was doing more harm than good , i hate needles. And that one going into the muscle was worse!   Also… Read More

Secondary progressive MS*

Hello. My mother was diagnosed with MS (relapsing remitting) in 2000. We held steady for awhile but now we are headed downhill VERY fast and are currently in secondary progressive. Her current MS dr who is apparently the best in OKlahoma Has pretty much said there is noting else he can do. Our family feels… Read More


Has anyone taken the ms drug OCREVUS? My neurologist wants me to start it. This would be my first ms drug as I’m recently diagnosed. Currently on nothing right now. Reading the list of side effects and precautions is making me scared to death! Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this drug?  Read More

Disease Modifying Therapies* is not intended to be medical advice but is for info only... I just ran across a new publication by the Consortium of MS Centers which is a non profit in New Jersey.  I thought I would post this link since there are several conversations going on this site about choosing a… Read More


Hi,  My name is Jessica, and I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed with MS in October of 2016. After I had my first son in March of 2016, around June I started waking up with double vision that lasted about a 3-4 days. A few weeks later went to the ER, which prompted an appt. with a neuro, and then was given my… Read More