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Treating MS

Newly diagnosed *

I recently received a diagnosis of Ms but neurologist wants to wait 6 months do another MRI before starting treatment.  A little background I have a few lesions on my brain, positive spinal tap and smaller lesions on thoracic MRI ( neck area) can't really say I had a relapse for sure cause I suffered heat… Read More


Hello everyone, are any of you on Glatopa? Insurance is making me switch to a generic. Can you share with me your experience with this med please and thank you:) Read More

CBD oil??*

hi    Just wondering if anyone is using CBD oil?  If so, my Acupincture Physician would like to know what re*****ble source do you get it from and how is dosing done thank Read More

New Medication*

Hey everyone ! So I was diagnosed back in April and since then have been on 3 medications; Copaxone, Tecfidera, and Avonex. Sadly, my body has rejected all three of these. With the Copaxone I broke out in hives, with the Tecfidera I broke out in a bad rash on my chest, and with the Avonex, it felt as if my… Read More

Ocrevus or Tysabri?*

Hello all you MS Warriors! Just a quick question, has anyone out there been on both Tysabri and Ocrevus? Which one worked better for you? I'm hesitant to try Tysabri due to the risk of PML, but it seems to have fewer side effects and has been out for a while now. On the flip side, Ocrevus seems to have more… Read More

Copaxone and Stretch Marks*

Hello Everyone, I did a quick search on this site to look for similar discussions and didn't see any. If this has already been discussed, then I apologize for the redundance... I have stretch marks. Good 'ol Prednisone made me blow up at least 40 pounds in a couple of months. As a result, my entire mid… Read More

Probiotics: Visbiome*

I've heard a lot of buzz recently about probiotics and good gut health having a role in MS. Does anyone take a high potency probiotic like visbiome? I'm trying to decide if its something I want to pursue. Read More


I was recently, February 19th of this year, diagnosed with RRMS. I'm still in a type of shock considering that I am, otherwise, fairly healthy. But I have to decide what course of DMT to be on. Any suggestions for a newbie? My neurologist, that specializes specifically in MS, has suggested starting out on the… Read More

MS Treatment Satisfaction

Hello everyone,I'm a student at the University of Florida conducting research on the treatment of neurological diseases. My team and I created a survey to better understand patients’ and caregivers’ experiences and satisfaction with treatment. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and can be previewed… Read More

Treatment *

Well I have been diagnoste with MS after 4 MRI's and a spinal tap. the doctor has sent me the names of 4 different drugs and has asked that I research them before we sit down and determine the best procedure to follow for my situation. Tables:  Gilenya,  Tecfidera Infusions:  Ocrevus,  Tysabri Any experience… Read More

Rebif, newly diagnosed

I am currently on week 6 of Rebif therapy. I tolerated the titration pack ok, but since starting the 44mcg, I have experienced low grade fevers, body aches, chills, and worsening headaches. I have tried giving myself motrin before my doses, and taking my doses at bedtime, but it does not seem to help. I am… Read More

Copaxone *

Hello-  I don’t know if anyone will see this or respond to it, I’m unsure of how this site works.  My name is Amy, I was diagnosed with MS two years ago but am only now able to start treatment related to multiple pregnancies. My doctor has prescribed low dose Copaxone injections 3x/week. He said this was a… Read More


OK. So I do not normally contribute to blogs, discussion, conversations etc. as I fall firmly into the "lurker" category. However, I do check out this site often and have appreciated everyone else's contributions. So why contribute now?  The reason I am typing now is in about 4hrs I am going for my first… Read More

Ocrevus. Would anyone know *

if someone had melanoma cancer, no treatment prescribed just removal of the cancer. Still haven’t been 5 years cancer free, actually still doing CT scans on lungs and  pancreas. Haven’t completed the 4 month test to see if spots grew. Would I be required to have a whole body scan to make sure I’m completely… Read More