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  • mikelann


    My mother was diagnosed with MS (relapsing remitting) in 2000. We held steady for awhile but now we are headed downhill VERY fast and are currently in secondary progressive. Her current MS dr who is apparently the best in OKlahoma Has pretty much said there is noting else he can do. Our family feels like he pretty much has given up on her. She has been on the tysburi (I may have spelled that wrong) for a few years now and it just isn't doing anything anymore. I'm wondering about stem cell, double therapy, etc. we are pretty much willing to try ANYTHING at this point! We are by no means rich but can afford to travel to another state. Was hoping to find the best of the best and possibly get in with them ASAP. With her condition we probably can't travel too far but could do Texas, Kansas, Missouri,Illinois,Colorado, Arkansas. I need names and phone numbers of possible. 

    Please help! 

  • maria1

    Have you called the ms society for referals? 

  • MS Navigator Jess

    Hi Mikelann,

    Thanks for posting here!

    The progression of MS can be so scary, I totally understand.

    Here's a link to our "Partners in MS Care"- a list of neurologists and clinics that specialize in MS.  You can search by state, zip, etc.  I hope this helps!

    Partners in MS Care


  • MattB1of6
    I have secondary progressive MS. My neurologist is of the caliber you're looking for but I don't think he will offer any different prognosis or treatment. His contact information is below.
    Central Texas Neurology Consultants
    Edward J Fox
    16040 Park Valley Dr
    Bldg B, Ste 100
    Round Rock‎ TX‎ 78681
    Round Rock is on the northern edge of Austin.

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