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  • wendyyyy
    I was diagnosed in 2005, it was all a blur. I had 21 lesions, My vision from right aye was almost gone, got on steroids and got better. 
    I got on medication right away , but it only lasted 6 months, that shot was doing more harm than good , i hate needles. And that one going into the muscle was worse!  
    Also the flu like symptoms that would make me feel terrible all day. 
    I was young, 21 maybe? Then I went thru a divorce, and went off to be on my own,  I stopped taking the shot because I couldn't give it to myself , my ex would have to do it.

    I felt fine! And my vision was back! So I kept on living my life symptom and medicine free, I got a second MRI 2 years later but I couldn't afford to treat it due to job loss and no health insurance, I still felt fine , and only took muscle relaxers for spasms.

    I lived in a couple places so never kept track of medical history, 
    But recently , in my new city , and with a new job, i decided to start taking care of myself! I mean I've always been healthy, and never had any other symptoms. I'm in my thirties now so I wanted to get my health back on track!  With doctors at least! plus lately I was always exhausted, tired and grumpy for no reason,  
    first i got prescribed antidepressants, then it ended up being a thyroid problem. 

    Now with medication I'm a little better, but still felt  like something was wrong. I scheduled neurologist app, and while waiting for Neurologist to fit me me , get MRI and get follow up I live a pretty ok life. 

    Thyroid meds seem seem to be working, I am always tired and inside because of heat but I'm not depressed about it anymore because I take zoloft  now! 
    I even went hiking for my birthday to wheeler peak and as challenging as that was I made it to the peak! pretty great life for someone with MS!    
    Until I get that call, the one where they say I have active lesions and white matter. The doctor wants to schedule follow up and put me on meds. 

    Appointment is next week , June 13.
    I was very sad coming back from my trip and hearing this again, 
    lesions? White matter? I feel fine!!! Other than the heat exaustion, random twitches , and cognitive problems I feel fine!.
    if anything I'm just being "wendy" is what my friends say! 

    I don't know what to do, I don't want o be on meds, but I'm also scared. I want to hike mountains, I want to live long, I want kids and to get married one day. 
    the select few I tell about my MS think its all good, no one understands how I feel, or what I go through. I don't want people feeling bad,  but I also don't want Meds that will make me feel worse.

    anyone here with any success stories treating MS the natural way? Medication free? 

  • Stacy10
      I guess the question is do you want to be asking yourself "what if" if/when you get worse. Mediation is not a cure. It doesn't help symptoms. It's a preventative. 
      Look into Ocrevas, the new Med released in March. I've started it and so far, I've had no side effects and modest improvement. It's an every-6-month infusion. 
      Just a note, I lived mostly symptom-free for almost 15 years. Feeling good now is no guarantee.
  • abigaildenecke
    Hi Wendyyy,

    You ARE Totally Allowed to be Sad and Scared and Angry and Pissed about MS getting in the way of your plans. As a fellow person who wants to hike mountains, live a long time of happiness and smiles, get married, and ...well (not sure I have the energy anymore for having my own kids but I totally support your plans to have kids. I actually have a number of friends who had MS (are young) and also have kids - Freom my experience, the hardest time to have MS is the first 2-3 years of having MS (that is when you and your doctors are still trying to find the perfect medicine to stop your MS attacks) Like you, MS threw a crinkle in my plans too as I had just graduated from college back in 2003 and it would be 3 years of relapses before science created the right medicine to stop my MS (Tysabri)- in June I will have been on Tysabri for 10 years).
    Okay- so what I mean is that they finally found a drug to make the ms attacks stop for me and guess what- You and your doctors will find a medication that makes your MS attacks stop too. Just don't give up on hope for those awesome dreams your have while you're still on the hunt to find the medication that makes your MS attacks stop. Good Luck!
  • CourtneyClement
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