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  • bethanyrc
    I just created an ocrevus group, please join if you're currently on ocrevus! I'd love to hear how your experience has been so far.
  • jennifer_m
    I tried looking up this group but I didn't find it in the group directory.
    That aside, the Ocrevus has been treating me pretty well.  I'm getting more solid on my feet, I don't have headaches as often as I used to, and my stamina is a bit better.  Not only that, the staff at the infusion center are so sweet in looking out for me for the better part of 5 hours.  Ths medicine sure lives up to its press releases.
  • bethanyrc
    The search function on the site doesn't work very well. I tried to add you by username and it said you couldn't be found! 

    I'm glad it seems to be helping you. It is hard for me to tell yet! I just started in January.
  • sharon-peer
    How many infusions did you have before you started feeling better? 
  • bethanyrc
    Try this link and see if it helps!
  • sharon-peer
    Is this the group you are referring to.  I found it be clicking on your name and then seeing it on your page as part of your activity. I am not on Ocrevus but my daughter is.  She’s a little over a year into the process but so far no real improvement. She has tolerated it very well. I joined your group to follow the progress of others and if anything happen with my daughter I’ll let you know.  Thanks!