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  • stephanieschmitt1991
    Hey guys. My partner of 9 years was recently diagnosed with MS. We're both 27 years old and of course a little worried and scared and don't know where to go from here. 

    Alicia's doctor has prescribed her copax injections. The 40mg 3x a week. I'm curious if anyone has any advice about copax. What was your experience?  

    I forgot to add: she hasn't started the copax yet and seems to be putting it off because she is nervous about having a reaction to it. We are waiting for a home health nurse to come help show us how the injection process works and such. 

    Also, the insurance company she goes through wont pay for her perscription. The copay is about $4900 every three months. We have copay assistance through Mylein Advocates but that won't cover the entire year. Anybody know where else we can get help with the cost? 

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking time out to read. :) 
  • echobird
    Hi I'm sorry to hear about her diagnosis. I believe that they have other programs through the ms association that may help. Also they have auto injunctors that they will give you through the pharmacy you just have to request it. It makes it easier to do your injunctions.
  • stephanieschmitt1991
    Thank you very much. We will check out the association to see if they can help as well. 
  • livinglifejoy
    I have been on copaxone since November. For me, it does cause pain (varying in intensity) and sometimes redness or a lump that eventually goes away. Aside from that, I have not had any side effects! I'm glad to be avoiding the possible flu like side effects that meds like Avonex can cause. It's annoying to give the shots, but it's not difficult (especially using the autoinjector). Having the nurse there with you the first time will probably help with peace of mind. Best wishes!
  • stephanieschmitt1991
    Thanks so much. She did get an auto injector and we are just waiting on a nurse to come over and help. :) 

    Have you noticed any changes with your MS symptoms since starting on copax? Alicia seems to be having a lot of brain fog and tingly sensations in her rib area. We are curious if the copax has helped relieve some symptoms for others. 
  • livinglifejoy
    No, I haven't noticed any change in symptoms. I don't think this med, or even most of the meds, are supposed to help with symptoms unfortunately. :( My current symptoms aren't bad, just mainly off and on tingling or pinprick like sensations in my hands and feet mostly. Sometimes what I wonder if it is brain fog (or could be just lack of sleep, lol), and occasional very mild dizziness.
  • MS_Navigators

    I'd recommend giving us a call and connecting with our MS Navigator program- that would allow us to ask a few more questions to gather information to see what programs we may know of that could assist.  1 800 344 4867, option 1.

    For now, here's additional resources: Finding Lower Priced Drugs

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • stephanieschmitt1991
    Thanks so much. We will be calling sometime soon :)
  • Kid
    I been on copaxon for four years.   Sheer solutions is the pharmaceutical  Company that manufactures copaxon.  They have a program where they picked up your co-pay .   I have never paid a dime for it.  The only side effect is a sore  injections   site .  I put a small ice pack on it .   They have a website teaching you how to take the injections along with the nurse coming very very helpful.
  • dstceo41
    I’ve been on Copaxone for 6 years.  Started with the daily injections and now take the 40mg 3 times a week.  Shared Solutions is the name under which Teva Pharmaceuticals administers Copaxone, offers support, etc.  Shared Solutions was very helpful to me during the early days of my diagnosis.
  • began1031
    Sounds familiar dr just put me on same thing I chose it cause it seemed like the least side effects of the 3 he suggested the auto injection system seems easy to use. Let's keep in touch we can compare notes.  I'm starting Wednesday. 

  • stephanieschmitt1991
    How's it going with your injections? 
  • began1031
    Sorry didn't see your post.  I decided to wait and follow my original dr's idea of waiting to do another MRI before starting treatment the dr that prescribed it was the one I got a second opinion from.  I just started to feel uncomfortable with him (no bedside manner) just felt like a number on his to do list.  I expressed my concern to my dr and he moved MRI up to may 10th and we are sitting down to discuss treatment the 15th . I want to get started on treatment asap cause it seems like everyone agrees the sooner the better.  My dr was only waiting cause I had other issues to deal with but I am no longer comfortable waiting.  I'll keep a better eye on website and update on what is happening.  Hope all is going well for you. 
  • began1031
    So I met with dr and we decided to move forward with copaxone.  meds arrive today and I am waiting on nurse to come by to go over how to use auto pen and what not.  How is alicia doing so far? Hope well. I'll get back to you after I actually start taking it
  • golgotha
    The 40mg 3x a week. I'm curious if anyone has any advice about copax. What was your experience?

    For me Copaxone was a waste of time; I was on it for over a year. Opinionated views from a patient below, so keep that in mind:

    From a scientific/medical standpoint, Copaxone is a poor DMT. It's an older DMT so it has a long and pretty safe track record of side effects -- so that's great! I had the range of common, non-serious side effects: swelling and lumps under injection sites, etc. But those side effects are more in the "annoying" strain rather than the "life threatening" side effect strain like some DMTs have.

    Copaxone is also dirt cheap for a DMT, so for-profit insurance corporations love that!

    But me as a patient is interested in effective medicine for suppressing the immune system and a low side effect risk.

    On the effective medicine Copaxone falls short -- way short compared to newer (and more effective) DMTs like Ocrevus. Something like 30% of Copaxone patients show no benefit. But when combined with the discredited escalation theory that for-profit health insurance corporations are in love with because it generates higher profits for their wealthy shareholders, it's still used.

    FWIW, this PDF file from the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle is a nice summary of DMTs. That file breaks the DMTs down into 3 categories: pills, injections, and infusions. There is more info here on the main MS Society web page.

    Anybody know where else we can get help with the cost?

    Sorry, I get my medical care from the VA paid for by American taxpayers. The VA is great in some ways, horrible in others. I know little about the nightmare of the private, for-profit health insurance corporations that most MSers have to deal with.

    But I do know that since Big Pharma are making obscene amounts of money from DMT drugs, most of the companies producing these drugs have similar charity functions to "help" with the cost. So they price-gouge, and then get to play good samaritan by giving back some of their booty as PR/charity -- an amazing system that partially explains why US health care is by far the most expensive in the world.