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  • bdonato112
    Does anyone else have this same issue of trusting a new doctor or doctors in general when speaking about what is wrong or symptoms that you are concerned about?  I seem to always to have this problem, especially with new doctors.  I now am on my 5th neurologist due to re-locations and change of specialty from neurologist to neuroimmunology.  Anyways, I find that I cannot fully explain what goes on with myself because I feel like I am complaining, or maybe I am trying to convince myself that I am feeling fine or better than I am.  I had one doctor that I could really be open with but she joined a large corporation and I could never get a hold of her when I needed something let alone an appointment. 

    I had a relapse that landed me in the ER in March and her my previous doc's medical asst told me that she could not see my until May.  I had been seeing her for years.  So now I am seeing a more specialized doctor which is farther from where I live but I can get a hold of his partners when I have questions.  I find that I cannot fully tell him how I am feeling since my relapse in March and I have been feeling pretty miserable. Symptoms: headaches every single morning, sometimes migraines that last all day (like a reset overnight), increased numbness all around, severe fatigue but insomnia all at the same time (which I think is related to knowing I will awaken with another headache), and slower cognition. 

    I want to see if this is something anyone else comes across and what helps them move forward in letting their doctors know what is going on?  Thank you!!!
  • maria1
    Do you want to feel better, do you want relief, or do you want to spend the rest of your life in misery. If you do not communicate with the only person who has the tools that may give you relief you are punishing yourself for being alive or any other percieved wrongs you think you might be in need of punishment for. There are certain medications only the neurologist can prescribe or even know about, why eliminate that choice? 

    When you speak with the neurologist state the problem in a strong assertive voice, that's all. Or, bring a list and present it. These are my symptoms, in priority, the first is the most debilitating. Tell the person I am desperate, if you are, cry if you must, whine if you have to, but get relief from the only place available.You have to live in your body so do your best to make it a safe place where you can have some peace, you are worth it. Take responsibility for feeling better, life is better that way, and then, if you still cannot communicate with this neurologist, get a new one.
  • bdonato112
    Thank you for telling me to be more assertive and I should have more organization of questions and statements of my symptoms.  I have even more recently found that my new doc wants me to go back to my previous neurologist for my migraines and headaches, which have been more frequent and more painful.  He feels that since he is a neuroimmunologist, he only should be taking care of the MS.  My previous neurologist (which I do really like a lot) joined a LARGE corporate practice and I never get calls back, my appointments are 6-8 weeks out for anything when I call them.  It is just frustrating.  I just want one doctor to help me with my neurological symptoms.  I feel like it is a game of hot potato.  I am going to find a new one and hopefully a final one!!!
  • maria1
    b..., They say space is the final frontier, nah, it is the brain! I have sleep apnea and have a neurologist for the ms and another for the sleep apnea. 

    Glad to hear you are getting tough about your well being, making your universe comfortable gives you strength. Keep on truckin.