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  • nevergup
    Dear all,

    I have been recently diagnosed with PPMS and during the past months I have been trying to get used to the worsening symptoms, trying to learn how to live with the disease. I have also been looking for some information on possible future treatments, on stem cell therapies in particular. I run into a recent article on a treatment that have been used to treat some cancers induced by Epstein Barr virus. The treatment is called Epstein-Barr virus-specific T cell therapy:
    According to the article, the treatment might be able to significantly slow down the progress of PPMS, at least in some cases, and it appears to be rather safe as well.
    I would therefore like to know if anyone on this forum has experience on this treatment. Did it work? Are there private clinics in USA or elsewhere that would offer this treatment?
    Many thanks in advance for advice and comments!