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  • lalithakumari
    i've taken 76 injections of tysabri, recently jc virus showed positive about 4.08. can i know the next step?
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello lalithakumari,

    I encourage you to talk to your doctor about your next step.

    You can read more about your treatment options in our brochure, The MS Disease-Modifying Medications. The brochure also has more information about the JC virus beginning on page 24.

    Stephanie, MS Navigator 
  • lalithakumari
    thank you. can you tell me what kind of drug to be taken after stopping tysabri since jcv is positive?
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    I have been undergoing Tysabri infusions for four or five years.  I am JC virus positive, but do not have PML.  I am tested every six months.  I don't know what the number is, but the neurologist said that when I hit a certain number that he would pull me off of Tysabri.  Nobody mentioned what the alternative drug that I would be on.  Please see your neurologist to find out if you have PML yet or not.  Good luck.  Keep in touch.