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  • qbansponge

    My name is Jessica, and I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed with MS in October of 2016. After I had my first son in March of 2016, around June I started waking up with double vision that lasted about a 3-4 days. A few weeks later went to the ER, which prompted an appt. with a neuro, and then was given my diagnosis after reviewing my MRI results. I personally have decided to opt out of any disease modifying drugs (DMDs), for now.

    Also, I would like to note that in 2009 I had an episode of optic neuritis in my right eye. I was 21 at the time and had no idea what MS was. An MRI was done, but there was no sign of MS. He stated in his final report that I had a 20% likelihood of getting MS, and said not to worry. Fast forward 7 years later, double vision, lesions in MRI- definite diagnosis of MS.

    Since my diagnosis, I have read multiple books regarding MS and autoimmune diets. Some of those are: The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book, by Dr. Swank, The Walhs Protocol, by Dr. Terry, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, by Professor George Jelinek, and lots online blogs and articles. 

    What I would like to discuss with this community is this: Has anyone taken a holistic route to treating their MS? I have read books and articles, where people have changed their eating habits and lifestyle and have almost reduced and stopped the progression of MS. I am that crazy person who believes cancer can be cured by eating the right foods. I am very anti-medicine (to some extent), and believe lots of the MS medication out there is almost toxic to our bodies. Has anyone opted out from taking any DMDs, and chosen a different route to treat their MS? I know yoga helps, which I have yet to try. Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Jessica!

    I know you're looking for some personal experience and recommendations, but in the meantime I wanted to share our information about alternative and complimentary therapies:

  • mkaymkaymkay
    I too would like to know. I am on Tysabri currently and want to stop it altogether when i decide to get pregnant. Before starting treatment, someone I know who has MS suggested me to visit a neurologist who focuses on your lifestyle and not just your disease, meaning they’ll monitor your diet, lifestyle & medications. A LOT of neurologists or specialists won’t care or even ask about your diet & your routine, so it would be easier for you if you found someone who can truly examine you & take their time with you, and walk with you in every step of your holistic treatment approach. When i had asked my specialist about a natural treatment she had said there’s no reason for me to keep attending my visits if that is my decision. After diagnosis, I was suggested vitamins, cbt, support groups, the same books you have read, the same diets these books are about, flaxseed oil, supplements, meditation, yoga, sun, just eating right, relaxation techniques and not stressing much. I also read somewhere doing aerobic exercise for 6 months starts new cell growth and improves learning and behavior. 

    My personal advice to you is, find the right neurologist for yourself who is ok with your decision & keeps monitoring you. And to educate yourself by reading studies conducted on MS patients. 

    Thanks for asking this question, i look forward to hearing responses from actual people who use natural treatments.
  • maria1
    When  I was finally diagnosed I was sooooooo sick I opted for a dmt, but a friend of mine introduced me to ayurvedic medicine, which I slowly embraced though I did not go off the dmt. The last neurologist I say was very much into .'natural' therapies, vit D C B complex and alpha lipoic acid, the last is the one I noticed the biggest change in my well being. He also put me on amantadine for the fatigue. There are many books on ayurvedic medicine. Way back when, I was so ignorant and ill about ms that anything even a research drug was better than nothing for me so I am impressed that you have been diagnosed with fewer problems. 

    Now that i am spms and am not on a dmt because it no longer helps I am pleased that I am more in harmony with my brain, my old self and i no longer have the stress of the fiinancial burden that was draining all the money. The finincial stress was a greater impact than i realized, the copay for the betaseron and the other drugs were draining ever bit of well being more than the ms.

    Avoiding any foods with ingredients that are alphabetic(fake) is also a good choice aka prefab food full of chemicals is useful though the less I am able the more junk I am eating but real food is better.