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  • j5796
    Has anyone taken the ms drug OCREVUS? My neurologist wants me to start it. This would be my first ms drug as I’m recently diagnosed. Currently on nothing right now. Reading the list of side effects and precautions is making me scared to death! Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this drug? 
  • mars723
    hi there. i am newly diagnosed too. i am due for an infusion of ocrevus in a little less than six months, and just had one of rituximab which was, my neurologist said, to titrate up to ocrevus. i asked him lots of questions about the scary side effects and unfavourable aspects of it, and overall his answers reassured me that it is an aggressive disease modifying therapy, that the risks of the Serious side effects were very slim, and that this is the way to go. i am not entirely convinced, so i am still going to research and look for others who have had ocrevus experience, and looking forward to hear what you are deciding and what leads you to it! 

    best of luck to you!