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  • linda-blessed525
    hwllo,  I am looking for feedback from people wo have hadmto zwitch to a generic drug since many insurance companies are making people switch  I had been on copaxone for 11 years with no exacerbations. Thanks so much
  • maria1
    Before you switch to a generic drug find out if there is any research about people stopping copaxone. When I stopped betaseron I had a rebound effect (a ton of symptoms surfacing for about two/three months) and when I called shared solutions they had no info about persons stopping the drug. 

    Also check the side effects of the generic and compare it to the copaxone side effects.

    And also call the National MS Society to see if there is some way for you to fight switching drugs. It is not usual to switch an ms therapy drug unless it is not working or a person is having serious side effects. Please share with us the results of your situation. yours is the first case of an insurance company making some one switch, unless I missed it somewhere.