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  • sailing12
    I have Secondary Progressive MS. Haven't been able to walk for several years. My neurologist doesn't want to put me on any medications at this time. She said they're too dangerous, and feels the current injectables will not help. All this is extremely depressing.  It's taking forever!!! Is anyone on anything for SPMS??? Thank you 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there,

    The National MS Society has some information about the disease-modifying medications that are often used with SPMS here.

     Also, there are other treatment strategies for MS that you may consider discussing with your neurologist, such as rehabilitation, symptom management, and complementary/alternative medicines.

    I hope you find a treatment strategy that works for you. And although the disease-modifying medications affect different people in different ways, it will be good to hear about what has worked for others.
    *MS Navigator 
  • maria1
    I am taking hemp oil to manage my arms and hands, it seems to be giving me more mobility and use of them though when I forget to take the gel cap or liquid or gummy bear the symptoms return. I have amamtadine to help me stay awake. 

    There were several years I could not walk and physical therapy helped with that. Managing the spasms is the most intense symptom that seems never to go away, though the hemp oil has made it tolerable.
  • Avatar

    I have Secondary Progressive MS too.  Of course,  a lot of the disease modifying therapies are dangerous, but they do slow down the progression of MS.  Some of us feel that that is important rather than being faced with the rapid increase of one's MS.  I have been doing Tysbari infusions for five or six years.  I am checked every six months to see the level of PML I might have, if it becomes too high, I will be switched to another treatment plan.  But, I am able to walk with a cane rather than a walker.  It gives one a feeling of freedom to be able to walk (even if it is a funny walk),