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Treating MS

Interferon therapy*

Due to lack of insurance I have been off interferon treatment for about two years. I was diagnosed in '03 w/relapsing remitting MS. I have not experienced any change in the two years I have been off Rebif, except that I feel better. Now I have an opportunity to start interferon therapy again and I really don't… Read More

What oral meds are good?*

I have been on Rebif since diagnosed in 2013 now the MD wants to change me to an oral med like Aubagio. Gilenya, or Tecfidera.  I know not eveyone is the same but anyone who is on any of these can you share your opinion?  I am a litter scared of Tecfidera because of the PML and Gilenya with the macular edema… Read More

Treating MS with chemo?*

Hi, I was surfing for something might help me to treat ms not only decrease the frequency of relapse symptoms.and I found on youtube some people used chemo but I couldn't find the final results (they're showing only the first day). So I am asking if anyone has any kind of information?  Read More

Betaseron vs. Capaxone

I am reading a book called Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. In the chapter on interferons I learned about the medication Copaxone. I was stunned to learn there are no flu like symptoms and no need to have blood drawn. My doctor's office called the other day and the nurse stated that my white blood count is low… Read More


Hey everyone! My name is Madeline, I was recently diagnosed with RRMS and I have been put on copaxone.. I understand that everyone reacts to things differently and that no one's MS is the same.. but I start this medicine Saturday, and I just want to know from people that are on copaxone how effective it has… Read More


Hi. I started on Avonex the first of this year. At first I had the flu-like symptoms for about 4 months and then I started to have severe headaches for 2 days after my shot. I thought this was just more of the "flu-like" symptoms and just tried to get through it. No pain medication helped the headaches and the… Read More


Hi, I've had the worst five days and today my Ms has taken on new heights.  Please, if anyone has these symptoms I outline below, and knows how to treat them or calm them down, please email me or post back.   I was diagnosed Jan 2016 w Ms, I had a large lesion on my left brain which knocked out my motor skills… Read More

Advice please!*

Hi all, I have been taking Gabapentin to manage my symptoms of my MS for over 2 years now. I am in my 2nd year in graduate school and I hate how drowsy the medication makes me feel. However if I dont take Gabapentin my symptoms of tingling/numbness comes back from my mid abdomen to my toes. My doctor has… Read More

Wahl's Protocol*

Has anyone ever read "The Wahls Protocol" by Terry Wahls, M.D.? I was referred to her book and TEDx talk by a family friend and just started reading the book. I also got the cook book for healthier meals. Her TEDx talk was so empowering, she went from a wheelchair to walking based on her diet and how she… Read More

Plasma Exchange*

I was diagnosed two months ago. Early this month, I did a 5 day Solu-Medrol infusion. I didn't get any relief. Today, my doctor ordered a Plasma Exchange. 3 treatments within 7-10  days, starting next week. It sounds terrifying, but I just want to feel better. Anyone have this done and thoughts? Read More


I recently had to go to the ER again on April 25th because I could not get my pain under control and my neurologist told me to go there to get the pain under control because obviously I was having a flare up and we had already tried the steroids.  Again, yeah again, I was told by 2 different ER doctors that MS… Read More

Copaxone Injections*

I recently was diagnosed with MS and have begun the Copaxone Injections. Just a question in regards to if anyone might know why there are times I develop a lump and swelling at my sites. This week my 2 sites in my thighs have really been a bother with swelling and itching. I'm not sure if my auto injector isn't… Read More