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  • g-buda
    Today is the day! My second stem cell therapy will be done at 12:30 pm. I really cannot wait to see what comes of this one. I am stoked and have incredible vibes on all the good I will see collaborate from the old one and tomorrows therapy put together as one. There are so many good signs pointed at positives and at moving forward away from this pit of ugliness I currently am sinking in. I realize that everything happens for a reason. I also think that reason will reveal itself showing incredible improvements in my body therefore allowing me to be grateful for tge reason and finally put ms where it belongs (out of my life!) Positive vibes for all my warriors, friends and family. This is the time I can feel it!
  • hope2015
    Wish you the best, please let us know how it goes.
  • corineohara
    Would you let me know where you went? How well is the treatment working? I wish you the best. 
  • sarahalshammas
    Hi! I was really excited to see that you’re doing stem cell therapy. How was the second treatment? I had one done already in August and I saw a huge difference. Some people tell me that it might come back or just be the relapsing stage. I have an appointment with my stem cell doctor tomorrow about getting another injection. How are you feeling after you got the second treatment? 
  • athenaw315
    How did your stem cell therapy go? What type of stem cell did you use? Where did you go? I'm looking at doing stem cell and currently looking at Giostar, but wanting to know what has worked for others.  Thanks!