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  • began1031
    I recently received a diagnosis of Ms but neurologist wants to wait 6 months do another MRI before starting treatment.  A little background I have a few lesions on my brain, positive spinal tap and smaller lesions on thoracic MRI ( neck area) can't really say I had a relapse for sure cause I suffered heat stroke which led to my first MRI.  Dr said he was sure I had Ms but thought my current symptoms were from post concussion syndrome I passed out from heat stroke and he believes we should wait.  Any thoughts should I get a second opinion.  2 dr's in same office agree only one is specialist. Please help should I start treatment dr thinks side effects of meds might be worse than symptoms I'm having 
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    Yes, you should definitiely get a second opinion.  If you do have MS, you should get started on a drug therapy treatment.  A lot of us went years or decades being misdiagnosed.  That probably was a bad thing for us because our MS progressed a lot more than it would if we have been diagnosed correctly and started us on a proper MS treatment plan.  Let us know how things go and get back in touch with us.  
  • maria1
    Disesase activity is not the same as the symptoms of ms. Most often the activity going on in the brain is what motivates a physician to treat ms. Are you investigating alternative therapies or holistic approaches to wellness. Are you familiar with ayurvedic medicine? 
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    Please go to an MS specialist.  The MS society has a list of drs. that I am sure they will tell you how to get to if you contact them.  Waiting to start treatment if he is sure you have MS DOES NOT SOUND RIGHT TO ME!
  • Stacy10
      The reason for a 2nd MRI before starting treatment is to see if there is progression and how fast. It will help the doctor decide what medication may be right for you.
      That being said, I’d be HIGHLY skeptical of a doctor that says for sure, absolutely, without a doubt you have MS after a single MRI, especially without the presence of other symptoms. Sometimes a heat stroke is simply a heat stroke. This is how my neurologist explained it. He said that there could be any number of healthy individuals with lesions on their brain but we wouldn’t know that because we have no reason to MRI their brains. It is the progression of additional lesions seen over time that concludes MS. Also symptoms are relevant.
      I’d recommend a second opinion. With a specialist. An additional MRI is standard in cases of diagnosis. There are many illness that mimic MS which is why doctors tend to be more conservative about handing out the diagnosis. Any doctor who jumps the gun is a red flag. 
  • Chrissyny
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  • began1031
    The dr I'm seeing is a ms specialist he is the second neurologist I've seen he ordered 3 more MRI's a brain with contrast and a cervical and a thoracic.  He is the one who said that we should wait.  He is recommended on this website for my area. I only asked because from what i've read the earlier you start treatment the better.  
  • began1031
    He originally said that it might be ris after seeing original MRI and spinal tap results.  Then he ordered the other three MRI's after which he said he agreed with the Ms diagnosis.  I don't doubt his diagnosis only the waiting period.  My aunt has ms and she and her dr think waiting is wrong 
  • maria1
    What do you want to do? What do you want to happen? It is important for you to make your own decisions, only because you want responsibility for your own life and not to be in a position to have to blame someone else for the outcome. We have all seen doctors who are less than stellar and have chosen to move on. Sometimes it took us longer than we would have like but we move when we are ready and not before. ms is different for each of us, each case is unique with some common annomalies. Trust your feelings and make your decisions upon your gut feeling with all the education you can get. 
  • merryb53
    I was diagnosed late in life, 56 years old in fact. So it is true that many learn by happenstance and not necessarily a full blown event.  They say the first MRI is sometimes inconclusive. The spinal tap is gold. Please let us know. I am 65 and took myself off all meds as I didn't like having a supressed immune system.  Learn, read, knowledge is king.
  • frederick86
    When I was first diagnosed with CIS, the MS doctor recommended treatment.  I chose not to because I wasn't sure I had MS, the expense and concern about side effects.  It wasn't long after that that I had bad bladder symptoms that never went away.  If I had started the medicine when it was first suggested I believe I either wouldn't have the bladder issues or not as soon.
  • ronaldjacobs
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  • jennifer_m
    As I learned early on in my M.S. journey, if you still sense something is wrong you are obligated to your physical well-being to get to the bottom of it.  I lucked out in that the second neuro I met was a specialist in M.S. and has been a straight shooter from day one.  Go with your gut.  If something seems still wonky with the path of treatment (or lack thereof), ask more questions.  To use a well-used cliche: the only dumb question is the one not asked.  Hope things work out the best for you.
  • began1031
    I will keep you posted as to what I decide and why thank you for the input 
  • began1031
    I will keep you posted as to what I decide and why thank you for the input 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there, if you decide to seek a second opinion, this provider search page on our website may be useful:  Partners in MS Care
  • klg-123
    I would say a second opinion by someone outside of their office. You need to find a doctor that you feel comfortable with - this is your life and your health. I was originally diagnosed with CIS, but both my regular neurologist AND the MS Specialist agreed that I should start meds right away due to the number of lesions in my brain and I did. I'm glad I got a second opinion because I just couldn't believe it was true and needed to hear it more than once and I needed a specialist to confirm it. It was still hard to accept, but with all of the evidence and an expert in his field telling me it was true, I had to... 
  • began1031
    Hey everyone I have decided to get a second opinion I'm going on the 21st .some Symptoms originally attributed to post concussion syndrome don't seem to be going away and are making life a bit difficult.  I will post 2nd opinion when I have it. And Thanks for all the input 
  • began1031
    So got my second opinion today same answer confirmed ms.  At least now I know but he does want me to start treatment.  Gave me 3 choices. I'm leaning towards copaxone anybody have a bad experience with it?