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  • rblackman
    Hey everyone ! So I was diagnosed back in April and since then have been on 3 medications; Copaxone, Tecfidera, and Avonex. Sadly, my body has rejected all three of these. With the Copaxone I broke out in hives, with the Tecfidera I broke out in a bad rash on my chest, and with the Avonex, it felt as if my throat is closing or there is something stuck in it. Has anyone else had a bad experience with medications or know of anyone whose body has just rejected all the MS medications? I am supposed to meet with my doctor soon and by the looks of it, it seems as if i will not be able to take any injections considering they are all interferons and/or glatiramer acetate which i am allergic to? any suggestions?
  • Summer1
    Have you considered asking your doctor about Aubiago?
  • rblackman
    I spoke with him about it but he does not want me on that medication considering the side effects . We decided to go with Gilenya 
  • golgotha
    I had some minor issues with Copaxone, but not the hives that you had. With Ocrevus I've had zero problems, but know another MSer who has had about every possible side effect while on Ocrevus (but she still uses it).

    As far as effectiveness as a DMT goes, Ocrevus and Tysabri are at the top of the list (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Both are worth bringing up with your neurologist.

    And FWIW, this doctor has a bunch of videos up about the various DMTs (and MS in general) that are worth checking out.