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  • Rasha-Fetouh
    Are smoking and alcohol, two harmful habits for MS and increases the attack, their types and intensity?! 
  • livinglifejoy
    I've heard that smoking can increase MS issues for sure. Alcohol, I believe, is fine in moderation (though double check with any medications you are on), but may increase some of your symptoms temporarily (i.e. balance issues, frequent bathroom use, etc).
  • brink250
    If you have MS must educate ur self. MS is liken to a snowflake no to are the same. Educating ur self is the best. 
  • maria1
    I read that there are seven thousand chemicals in every cigarette. I didnt even know there were seven thousand chemicals, gggle. 

    I smoked fpr 44 years so I am not a born again non smoker. I always think we smokers are replaying the childhood stories of the fire breathing dragons, though my excuse was partly for defense living in NYC I always had a lit cigarette walking at home from the subway and though about burnig the 'bad guys' with a butt.

    Also, smoking seems to mimic our need to take a deep breath, try it without a butt to see if you feel better.

    One report of an mri I had says I have a hole in my brain from cigarettes, almost two inches in diameter, want one? you can grow your own. ( also, my farher smoked two packs a day and my mother five so there was plenty of smoke in my environment.)

    Use to have a drink or two, but since beng on all different medications all it did was give me indigestion. Just use common sense whatever you do, moderation seems a wise choice in everything.